Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Yucky Day

On BUMMOCKS!! Well I reckon that's how Sarah Kennedy would spell it!! I'm fed up with a capital 'F' today. It's raining. I've got another cold coming (only just ditched the last one from Easter). Frenchie's sister just doesn't want to play ball. AND - the worst thing of all - I've had to do housework!!!!! I hate, hate, hate it!
I have this little dream in my head that I will grow old living in a pokey fisherman's cottage by the sea. I will be the eccentric old bat who has funny coloured hair (hehe), does weird crafty stuff and swims in the sea every day. Instead I think I may end up being on that TV show 'A Life of Grime', barricaded in behind mountains of washed but unironed clothes, randomly scattered coffee cups and piles of papers which have been put neatly but never sorted out. The whole lot will be topped off by hundreds of cloth dolls and creatures, and sundry other little creative outbursts which absorbed me for 5 minutes then I left it to go onto the next thing.
Phew! That's better. Glad to have got that off my chest.
No - Frenchie's sister has been a right pain (when I eventually got chance to work on her). I think my problem has been trying to make her too fast. It's not a race. This is R&D time and needs to be done properly. First she had black hair and a thin little mouth and she just wasn't right at all. Now she has pale pink hair and her lips have had a toot of collagen so she's looking much happier. Just working on a pattern for a frock for her so she doesn't have to parade in 'the altogether'. A name is forming but I will reveal this later when I add the photos.


pink-petal-designs said...

lol, hope the housework didn't take you too long. Love your dolls.
Sarah x

Swirlyarts said...

Housework is a nightmare. I used to get really bogged down in it but then someone on the forum suggested that I should give up ironing - so I did! I haven't ironed anything since Oct! I'm a little creased but I'm not worried about that!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ingenious!!! Why didn't I think of that?!! I have a sofa full at the moment - 3 piles. Aargh!!