Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Better Mummy - Rubbish Wifey!

I am feeling very virtuous today. Can you see my halo shining? I have a tick list of good deeds that I've done.
  1. First, we had kiddie's friend round to play for the morning so she was very happy. No more guilt-trips about not having a brother or sister to play with, well for a while at least.
  2. As an added bonus, this afternoon the same friend's daddy has taken all 3 kids swimming. Just what kiddie has been wanting to do all week.
  3. After lunch I went and gave blood so now I NEED to have a quiet sit down to conserve energy. The ideal excuse to 'work' on the computer. :0)
This was after a VERY "dubious" end to yesterday and start to today. I think if I was a paid employee I'd be on my final written warning as far as OH is concerned!
  • No olive oil when he tried to cook last night.
  • No milk when he went to make us a cup of tea just before bed.
  • No milk for breakfast this morning.
  • No clean boxers - well one pair to wear but all the rest in the tumble drier - wet!! And he needed spare for after workout today.
eek! In an effort to redeem myself I have washed and dried every pair of boxers I can find. I have blitzed the kitchen, hall and front room. I have been to Tesco's and bought milk and also steak for tea. Hopefully he won't sack me just yet.

I am currently lousing up the new feature on the Forum cuz I haven't been putting titles to my blogs. I need to make 8 - 10 new posts WITH titles to sort things out, so I may do a series of quickies as and when the mood takes me, just to bump the numbers up and stop messing things up for everyone else.

Have listed a couple of my things of Craftjuice for peeps to take a looksee. If you like 'em please vote for them. Would be nice to generate a bit of interest in my stuff. Thanks so much for looking.

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