Friday, 18 April 2008

I wasn't going to post tonight. I thought I may as well wait until tomorrow when I've done the draw for the giveaway, BUT I just popped on to have a look at a few comments and I noticed the Crafty Blogs rating. I have cracked the 200 mark. Yay!!! As I write I am number 197. How on Earth have I done that?!? Maybe I shouldn't get so fixated on numbers. I'll just get all glum when I start to slide back down again. Aaah, what the heck!! It's great. Cheers guys for reading and commenting and whatever else it is that you do that makes me go higher up the charts :0) hehe.
You still have time to get your name added to the giveaway draw list. Simply leave me a comment and tomorrow at midday-ish I'll use the latest technology to draw the name of one lucky person who will win... something or rather someone from the pit... sorry the workroom.
Needless to say I have NOT managed to produce anything for the Softies Awards. Ooh I still have 11 minutes to get my photo submitted! I could quickly nip upstairs and run something up... Nah!! I'll finish my beer instead and wait 'til tomorrow to see who the lucky finalists are. Then I believe we get the chance to vote for our faves. How hard will it be to narrow some of those categories down to just 5 finalists?? I don't envy the judges at all.
I'm rambling now cuz I'm tired so I'll quit while I'm ahead. :0)


artisbliss said...

Congrats on your Crafty Blogs rating.

You can count me in on your draw if I'm not too late!

Tip Top said...

Yippeee! Breaking the 200 mark is fab - I was estatic when I did it for my website! Went even madder yesterday when I moved up to less than 200 - I had a panic on thinking I'd slid past 249 hehehehe!!