Friday, 4 April 2008

Ha! I remembered!!!

Well today has been fun! Not!! I finally started the dreaded bedroom swap. Kiddie has been complaining for some time now about the noise of the wind and the rain in her bedroom. When there's even the slightest hint of bad weather she appears at our bedroom door in the early hours. She did get the slightly bigger bedroom when we moved here anyhoo. So my OH decided that maybe we should swap. I must confess I had been thinking about it for a while - my dad's genes kicking in. He used to move furniture round and swap rooms over all the time whene we were kids. I think he got bored on a Sunday afternoon. Anyway, I let hubbie think it was his idea and planned to do it at the start of the Easter hols - ha ha. I finally began the task on the last day of the break. Typical!!
I was going to post 'before and after' pictures but when I looked at the photos I'm too embarrassed to post them. Our rooms look such bombsites but then... they were. Everything was all over the place while I started to take furniture to pieces. Oh what the heck!!
It'll make the 'after' pictures look that much more impressive! :0)
The wardrobe in kiddie's bedroom has now been demolished. The beds have swapped places. Tomorrow OH is NOT playing golf - how fortunate! Instead he is moving our wardrobes. He 'loves' DIY so much I think I will make myself scarce until the deed is done.
Watch this space. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post pics of two bedrooms fit for a spread in Ideal Homes magazine! Hopefully...
This evening I've been surfing blogs and have re-found a fantastic person's blog and her pages on Flickr. middleagedteacher is just great. As the name suggests it is the work of a lady in Sydney who teaches English at a girls school. She logs a daily diary of the fab outfits she wears to school and they are truly amazing. I wish I had this much style.
Short but sweet today. I've not made anything today and feel a bit wobbly because of it :0(. Maybe I had better go and do a bit of felting just to calm the shakes.


liz said...

Found you from the comment you left for me, thanks:) Love your blog. particularly like the goth belly dancer, is she for a challenge? She could be lady Eleanor, belly dancing beauty with a power driven saw. (Lindisfarne). If she's not I might use that idea myself!
I'll be back to look at more of your blog later.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Thanks for the comments. No - the song wasn't my inspiration. I go to belly dancing classes and wanted to make something for our teacher's 40th. I decided on a doll and this was my first attempt. She just developed gothic tendencies as she grew. I knew of the song but not the lyrics, if you know what I mean. Have just Googled them and played the track on YouTube. Does fit quite well doesn't it?
I need to find more links for challenges and swaps and so on. Haven't been blogging that long but would like to get into this side of things to stretch myself a bit. :0)