Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Techno-Strife Rant.


Flippin' technology!!!!!!

Flippin' computers!!!!!!!

**stamps feet**

**has a mega massive tantrum**

And rest......

Sorry about that but I've just had the most fruitless half hour. It all starting when I tried to upload my latest pics here. Blogger sent me a rude message and refused to do it. So I left in a huff to watch 'Waking the Dead'.

Came back and had another go at 10pm thinking it would all be fine. But no! Same error message coming up, so I went to Blogger Help Group and found that lots of poor Bloggers have been having the same trouble for the last day or two. I reported the fault like they asked and then thought,

"Hmm. I'll be a clever little Blogger. I'll upload the pics to Flickr and then blog 'em from there."

Ha! Fat chance! I tried to log into Flickr and it's forgotten my 'remembered' ID, and can I remember my Yahoo account details? Can I heck-as-like! So, I followed the security steps to recall my forgotten password and it wouldn't agree with the personal details I gave it. It was arguing with me about my date of birth!!!! I ask you? Who knows that best - me or flippin' Yahoo?!!!

Sorry - must remember to breathe. Calm......

So I gave that up as a bad job and decided to just come and make a post without photos. To just have a little rant to get it off my chest. And flippin' Blogger has also decided NOT to 'remember' me. Luckily we were able to agree my username and password so here I am.

And now I've run out of steam and need a little lie down.

Seriously though, it has made me slightly paranoid. I'm wondering who has hacked into our computer and is planting viruses and trojan horses, trying to unearth all our deepest secrets and steal our identities and our millions (haha). Do you think I took 'Swordfish' too much to heart the other night? :0)

OK. Let's get onto more serious things. Tomorrow I am going to make my first purchase on etsy. What am I going to buy?... At least one of these little beauties from Paper and String. I did consider NOT putting a link so that noone else could get there first. They are SOOOO fab!
Form an orderly queue behind me if you want one. :0)

Right. I'm off to try and enter negotiations with Flickr/Yahoo to see if they'll let me back into their gang. Maybe if I talk nicely to them.....

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paper-and-string said...

thanks for sharing :-)
I've just been reading many of your posts in one go and you are firmly on my bloglines list now :-)
I too rant (a lot) about passwords and pictures and blogger, darned computers!!