Wednesday, 9 April 2008

More bargains and the return of the punk!

What is it with the weather at the moment? Snow on Sunday, hail on Monday, today I've been rained on but then I've had my sunglasses on and I've been sweltering!! OK not quite back into t-shirts yet but I'm wearing my Crocs with no socks!!! woo!

Saturday is the long-awaited 40th birthday party (you know - the one I'm making the belly dancing doll for). Hooray!! The theme is 1970s and anything goes - hippy, punk, Grease, Scooby Doo??? (don't ask - Maria does have a strange mind. hehe). Anyway I decided I wanted to go punk - back to my 'yoof', but in an authentic way, ie not all bought off the peg at Top Shop or wherever. I wanted to hack about stuff I had bought second hand or that I already owned. So at my jumble sale a few weeks back I got a leather skirt, in a bag of stuff for £1.00 (sorry if I'm repeating myself). The rest would be easy to do I thought - fishnet tights, old ripped t-shirt, lots of safety pins, spikey hair. The only thing I really needed was a pair of DMs. I can't do high heels any more, so the only punky shoes I could think of were Dr Marten boots but could I get any CHEAP? Not a chance. And it's getting a bit late to try eBay so I've been panicking a bit. The this morning I had my Cinderella moment (or the nearest I'm ever going to get). Mum rang to say she was at a car boot sale and did I want to pop over to it. I ummed and aahed and decided I would, as it was only 5 minutes away. Well - to get to the point - there on this one stall was a pair of Docs. Yay!! In my size. Double yay!! And only £1.50. WOOHOO!!!!!!

So to cut a long story short - I have my outfit sorted for Saturday night, including bright pink hair dye...... :0) If I'm feeling brave - or have had enough Dutch courage - I will post photos at the weekend. Now there's something to keep you tuned in! hehehe

In addition to my visit to the car boot I have 'done' the charity shops as well. Got lots of goodies, mostly for Evie. She got a dress and two jackets. I got a stripey black and white t-shirt (for the punk thing). Not too bad.

Herumph! I'm fed up now. Feels like another day has just slipped by and I have created nothing. Have been and done the school run. Now we're just waiting for my OH to come and pick us up to go over to the in-laws for dinner. It's their anniversary today and OH's bro and wife are going to be there too. (They are Jehovah's Witnesses and the only thing they do celebrate is wedding anniversaries so this is one of very few times when we all get together). So that's the rest of this evening wiped out too. Tomorrow I don't think I've got anything planned. I thiiiink (she says tentatively) that I can sit and stitch all day. So don't let me get sidetracked by the computer. Purlleeeeeeease. Send me a little message at about 9.30 telling me to get off the PC and go and do some work. Thanks :0) hehehe.

No pictures today. eeek! I WILL make up for it tomorrow AFTER I've done lots of stitching, of course. I have a extra little idea brewing for you all tomorrow IF I get at least one dolly finished. Tune in tomorrow to find out more......

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