Monday, 23 November 2009

So...'s been a while. How've you been?

Me? Oh I'm fine.

I'm 40 now y'know. I had a little shindig with a "Beautiful Briny" theme. I went as Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid and scared my neice so much she wouldn't speak to me for the whole night. Can't understand why myself...

I had loads of lovely prezzies. These were off my sis and her family. Yep. There are 40. Count 'em.

And my lovely mummy bought me this -
No! NOT the small child in the distance. She's mine anyway. And NOT the whole balloon full of people but I did get to ride in it. A-ma-zing!! I want to go again. We flew from the grounds of Shugborough Hall - a stately home not far from Lichfield. The country seat of the Earls of Lichfield. This is where the late, great Patrick Lichfield lived.
My darling OH bought me a fabulous shiny new bike so we all have one now and have no excuse not to go out riding them. I have ridden it... err... once so far. Yes. I'm useless I know. But I really, really will when the Spring comes. Honest!
We did finally manage to get away in the Bongo. Yay! It was brill (if a little chilly). We went to Swanage for the weekend for a dive trip. It was brill to be parked on Swanage Pier making our own bacon butties and cups of tea in the sunshine while everyone else traipsed off to a "greasy spoon". Next season we definitely need an awning to stow all the excess (diving) kit but apart from that it is ace.
I've had a few other social engagements in recent times. Rocky Horror Picture Show - the stage version - came to the Birmingham Hippodrome and 8 of us had a girlie night out. I want to wear that corset every day! It just puts everything in the right place. OK so you can't breathe very easily and sitting down is a bit of a challenge but apart from that...

On 10th November OH and I went to see Muse live at the NIA, Birmingham. Words cannot describe just how fantastic they were. I now seem to lose inordinate amounts of time watching videos of the gig on YouTube. If I'm not doing that then I'm playing Scrabble on Facebook.
But that's not to say that all craft activity has gone out of the window. Fitting it all in around work has been difficult but I do seem to be getting back on track now.
But I'll save that for daylight hours so I can take some photos and let you see my achievements in "Glorious Technicolour".
It's great to be back.

Is anybody there?


I will be back soon.
Watch this space ----------------------->