Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow, Ethel and Men in Frocks

Well that was a bit of a surprise!! This morning we woke up to snow everywhere. It was strange being in the new bedroom though. In the back bedroom I could tell straightaway if it had been snowing because of the light, but in the front I had no idea. OH sat up and peeped through the blinds and had obviosuly seen something strange but I had no idea what.
Kiddie was so chuffed when we woke her up to tell her. She got dressed quicker than I've ever known. We all did - and piled outside for a snowball fight before breakfast. We dug out the sledge and walked round to the churchyard as it is on top of the hill and has plenty of little slopes. It was a bit frustrating when we got round there tho' as much of the snow had started to thaw already. How annoying that we had all slept so late. Oh well. It still looked pretty.

Equally bizarre was seeing a bumble bee flying around when there was snow on the ground. I wonder what they make of it - poor little things. Shika loved the stuff. All through the day we have had flurries of fresh stuff falling and she has just sat there and let it fall on her. At one point she looked like she had got dandruff!! Toby wasn't quite so keen and he hid inside most of the day.

I think kiddie is hoping that we will get another load overnight. She made some comment about getting snowed in earlier. I don't know why? It's not as if she won't be able to get to school - it's literally over the road!!

Yay!!!! My mate has found me!! My other other half has found my blog and left me a comment. Ethel - you just need to get your own blog going now. Or you could join in on this one then the team would be back together again!!

This photo should really have gone with the post 'Catching Up' but what the heck!! Here's ethel and kiddie on the swings. Note kiddie in afghan coat and flip flops!!! What a style guru she is!!

One of my favourite films ever was on telly last night - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. If you haven't seen it basically it's a road trip with three transvetites in a pink bus driving across Australia. The 'girls' are Guy Pearce (who played Mike in Neighbours), Terence Stamp (English actor) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith in The Matrix films). Along the way the keep producing outrageous costumes from nowhere and performing fabulous song and dance routines. What is it about blokes in frocks?... It's Guy Pearce in a frock that's the most impressive. What a body....

In May we are going to a mate's 40th birthday party. The theme is Spice Girls and Village People. I know that many of the men are planning to go as Spice Girls, but will any of them look as good in drag as those chappies? I kind of hope not as OH will be there!! hehehe

Back to work tomorrow after two whole weeks off. How will we ever get back into the swing of things? Oh well. On the bright side I will be able to get back to my own work too. My next challenge is to open an etsy shop. Surely it can't be too hard. We shall see...

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Art by Sophie said...

wow! you had sooo much more snow than us...I am jealous! piccies are fab!