Tuesday, 1 April 2008


There is a programme on TV at the moment about advertising and my fave ever ad came on. The quality of the video isn't great but here it is.


It's just so lovely to look at, even better if you could afford the telly to watch it on. :0) Oh they've now played my current favourite - the Skoda "My Favourite Things" one (ha ha) with the car made out of cake and sweets and chocolate. Wouldn't you just love to eat it?

What a result! Small kiddie went swimming with her chum this afternoon...

...and never came back! I went to collect her and she was invited to stay to tea which then expanded to stopping for a sleepover. That's two in one week. At this rate she'll be moving out next week! he he he #

Yet more links but this is a serious one. For those who don't know (and there's no reason why anyone reading this would) my dad lost a 5 year battle with cancer in October 2006. He was just 61 and had always been mega fit and healthy. The last person you would've expected to get 'it'.

Well this year mum is doing the Race for Life in Sutton Park and she has got organised enough to set up online sponsorship. If anyone would like to sponsor her to help raise money for Cancer Research UK then please follow this link.


The care and support that dad received was amazing, and the trial drugs that he took for the last 18 months helped with the ongoing research that the charity does as well as extending his precious time with us.
Anything you could give would be fantastic. Thanks.

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