Monday, 30 June 2008

Sunday, 29 June 2008

This is... favourite op shop (car boot sale) find.

I had too many to chose from really. I mean should I have picked the bargain bags full of goodies to use - threads, broken jewellery, fabric, etc - or should I pick clothing bargains? Nah!! A silly toy that hasn't got any use or function but I just love her. Grow up girl!!
At the moment she is buried in my workroom, leaning back and looking slightly inebriated. Far from being a seaside bathing belle, she looks more like a Beryl Cook type of lush.
I really must get around to making a pattern from her. A series of dolls like this in brightly coloured cozzies would be great.
Will post more later but I wanted to make sure I actually took part in the "This is..." meme this week now I've signed up to it. Click on the link to find out more.
ttfn xx

Thursday, 26 June 2008

100 Not Out!!

"Happy Birthday to meee, And my little blog-eee..." Yup! I've made it to 100 posts. How about that? As promised I am going to do a little giveaway of some goodies I found lying around in my pit, sorry workroom, doing nothing much except getting in the way.

The bundle includes a book - Kids' Clothes; Sew Easy - which I bought but will realistically never get round to using. There is the latest edition of Let's Knit magazine which has a free booklet of crochet designs and a pack of 3 sizes of wooden crochet hooks. There are 2 vintage Ladybird books - Picture Dictionary and Ned, The Lonely Donkey; also a bag of old mixed buttons, a bag of mixed beads, a bundle of variegated threads including quite a few Caron Collection silks and a skein of Steph Francis cotton, a card of square vintage buttons and a little badge with a smiley sun on it.
Hope this appeals to somebody out there. To be in with a chance of winning this little haul read to the bottom of this post where I shall set a very mini challenge...

I received some fabby mail yesterday. Look at these cute things...

My own "ethel and edna" name labels.. Yay!!! Now I can officially label all my Sillies and everything else I manage to make and sell. They were really cheap and came very quickly. as well as the name my email address appears along the bottom edge.

Another good thing yesterday - I went to Slimming World and LOST THREE POUNDS!!!!! Yay!!!!! How chuffed am I? I really thought I might have put some weight on as I had a couple of bad days when there was unbirthday cake around and willpower had gone to visit it's auntie by the sea. It was certainly not in evidence when the chocolate cake was around. So any kind of loss was a real bonus, and if I lose 2lbs next week that'll be half a stone and a shiny sticker for my book!! I must try to be good next week.

Molly, my toadstool swap partner emailed me the other day full of apologies for my toadie being late. She has now put it in the post so hoepfully I should get it before too long. I don't mind the wait at all, i'm just excited to see what I get.

Here is a piccie of one toadstool that I've not posted before. I decided to play around with scale and size and ended up with this skinny-stemmed thing. It looks a bit like a lollipop. I can definitely see it being made into a softie/plushie, with a little pair of eyes peeping out from under the red cap.

I really need to get my finger out with regards to the Russian Doll Swap. I've collected several other little goodies to go in my parcel to Emma, but the doll is errr... visiting Willpower's auntie as well. :o) I must get stuck in next week. This week jhas been a total non-event as regards to crafting.

Things have been a bit hectic here, hence the distinct lack of posts. Saturday is OH's 40th Birthday and the fancy dress party is at our house this time. The theme is "Icons of the 80's" but it has been harder than I thought to narrow down the choices. Plus there is a real lack of female singers who had a really original look. Siouxsie would have been an obvious one but BDB quickly snapped up that option. I thought about Cyndi Lauper but wasn't sure. Annie Lennox would've been great but you can't get wigs that short, and it's taken me so long to grow my hair I couldn't face chopping it all off and bleaching it, (tho' it's been done several times before). Time is fast running out so I've finally decided on Madge. I wish I'd chosen earlier 'cause I really fancied making a cone-shaped bra, but I need the pin-striped suit to do the complete look (there's no way I am running around in just a corselette and tights!!!), but can't find one. So now it's the early, Lucky Star period with layers of torn clothing, and bracelets and necklaces piled on. I'm going to try it all on in a bit to see what it looks like.

So the giveaway challenge... All I want to know is which character from the 80s you would be if you were coming to our party and why? It doesn't have to be a pop star, it could be an actress, a politician in fact anyone who would be easily recognisable. Can't wait to see you ideas. Good luck.

Tonight I may not manage to get to belly dancing - boo hiss. I'm going to my second Private View of the week. On Monday it was the turn of the Foundation/Nat Diploma students that I have been teaching. They had an awards ceremony and all their FMPs were on display looking fab.
Tonight it's the HND show at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. This time last year it was me and ethel running round like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted. This year it's the turn of our chums Maria, Lisa and Kayleigh. I'll take photos and post a few tomorrow to show you how it all looked.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Phew! What a weekend! I need another one to recover. As you can see from the pics we had a fab time with the llamas. The children learnt all about the history of the llamas first, including the fact that if they have been reared properly they shouldn't spit at people, only each other!! They were shown how to groom them to get all the knots out. A truly more thankless task than trying to brush kiddie's hair! Sadly they have someone who takes all the hair away to spin so I didn't get any to play with.

Whilst still at the stables they gave the llamas a bite to eat before taking them on a trek around the grounds.

After returning them to the yard, Anna took the children to another part of the field and played games with them. A new variantion on Duck, Duck, Goose (Llama, Llama, Poo!), sack race, space hopper race, Llamas and Lions. They had great fun and luckily, despite the clouds, it didn't rain. It was then time for food. Loads of healthy stuff - fruit and veggies - as well as the usual sausage rolls and sarnies, and homemade cakes. They even made an Un-birthday cake with llamas on it.
Singing "Happy Un-Birthday" was done inside the grown-ups retreat (where tea and coffee were on hand) - a teepee!! How fab is that! I want one in our garden. After a quick loo break the kids then went with Dave to visit the hens and turkeys, which they fed and stroked and collected eggs from. Finally they came back for a last pick at the food and one more game before parents came to collect them.

As I think I may have said already, this is has been the best party I have ever had for kiddie. Dave and Anna were fantastic! The kids had a whale of a time out in the fresh air, and I have had no stress whatsoever! Absolutely everything was included in the price - invitations, llama trekking, games, food, (scrummy) cake, party bags and a personalised 81/2 year birthday card and present for kiddie. She received her own fluffy llama, which she named Oscar after the one she walked.
OK. I think I've raved about it enough. All that's left is to add a linkie-poo to their site in case you are interested. Click here to see more pics and other llama fun and games.
I'm seriously wondering about my 40th next year. A llama party or a half day trek with a picnic? Hmm....
Oh - one last thing. I think that this is post 99. The next one (or possibly the one after that) is number 100. Giveaway time!! Stay tuned for further details. :o)


We did it! We did it! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

And I say 'we' for a reason. Apart from the 1006 other ladies taking part in the Solstice Walk, there was an extra special person who become my walking partner. See if you can spot her. She has pink hair.
Here we are warming up before the Big Moment. The aerobics instructor who got us moving was fab. He was grey-haired and looked like he was just another one of the supporters, but then he leapt up onto the scaffolding and started bouncing around. He was great and really got the atmosphere going as well as our heart rates.
This is it! The moment we set off from the sports centre at the start of our first 5 mile circuit - me and my partner, Evie. Bless her! She wanted to come and wave me off. Then she wanted to walk a bit of the way with me. Then she decided she wanted to do 5 miles!!! Please note her footwear. She must've done nearly 2 miles in her flip flops, then we rang daddy (he thought to pick her up but no,) to bring her trainers and a drink.
She was real star and only started flagging right at the very end, but then she remembered nanny would be there and couldn't wait to surprise her. At the halfway stage there was refuelling to be had - bananas, cereal bars and a bottle of water - and my mum was there handing the goodies out. She couldn't believe that small kiddie was still with me.
But I have to confess by then we'd both had enough. Evie was worn out (well it was nearly midnight), and my feet and calves were killing me. Plus the prospect of doing the next 5 miles without my mate was a bit disheartening to say the least. So we called it a night and rang for the chauffeur (OH). We both received a certificate and a yellow gerbera. I don't know if you can read the card but yellow, in the language of flowers, is for friendship and we are now 'firm friends of St Giles Hospice'.
OK so you may have noticed I didn't wear my wellies in the end. I though that maybe 10 miles in wellies would be pushing it a bit. Visions of blisters upon blisters made me choose boring old trainers instead. But I do have a lovely pair of wellies to show to the llamas later :0) Aren't they fab?! A bargain at £7 from Asda. Good old George!
And here are my wings. I received many nice comments about them. One lady did say that it looked like I had several crash landings with them 'cause they were patched and a bit raggy. I found the basic tutorial to make them on Threadbanger, using four wire coathangers and two pairs of tights, but then I added more layers of fabric, ribbons, beads embroidery and other sparkly stuff. I have taken more close-ups of individual bits and will put them on Flickr later.

Just one more thing before I go.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me.

That is what the whole event was about - making money to keep this fantastic Hospice running. If you would still like to make a donation then you can still click on my Just Giving button. Its not too late.




Saturday, 21 June 2008

Two in an hour!?...

No it's not an attempt to get to 100 posts a bit quicker. I just saw this and had to write about it.

Trawling through my ever-increasing Bloglines updates, I've discovered someone thinks I (or my blog) am awesome!! I found Area Thrifty One's blog while looking for info on screen printing and have subbed to the blog ever since (ooh! all of 3 days). How cool is that?

Sorry if I've deafened or startled anyone else with my music. I found the Playlist gizmo on someone else's blog and decided I had to have it for myself. I spent an age yesterday adding tracks (shhh... don't tell my OH). There is a right old mixed bag on there. I just kept thinking of people to look for. Only trouble is now I can't get away from the computer 'cause I want to see what's coming next. I love having my ipod on shuffle so it's a surprise everytime.

I also added another little toy at the foot of my blog (if you ever venture down there into the wastelands) - the meaning of my name. It's quite bizarre actually because so many of the traits are me. I suppose they are just random personality quirks that can applyto most people but it was quite funny that I could relate to so many of 'em. Give it a go yourself.

btw has anyone found a 'slob quiz' yet?


Have just had a text to say that the Folk Festival has been rained off! Cancelled! Phew! Now I have the whole day to sort my wings, wand and wellies out.

Oh Pants!!! It'll be raining then...

It's the Summer Solstice. The longest day. And as another beautiful days dawns... Oh no sorry. This is 'real' England and it's raining. Pooh!! Kiddie is dancing at the Folk Festival today. Luckily they do have a wet weather plan and an indoor venue in case of such circumstances. But I doubt there'll be the parade. And shut away in a church hall there isn't the same atmosphere as being out in the streets amonsgt the shopping crowds. Oh well. It might brighten up (or is that just foolish wishful thinking on my part?...) Kiddie'll have a good time regardless because she'll be with all her chums.

I, on the other hand, am going to need some MASSIVE motivation to go out tonight and walk 10 miles in the rain. I've been working on my wings all night and they are nearly finished. I'm using artistic licence and adding a character to Mr Shakespeare's original tale. A Midsummer Night's Dream now also features Ragbag - a Sewing Room Fairy. Pictures will follow when it's all done.

A HUGE thank you to anyone who has sponsored me so far. If you would like to make a small donation (or a MASSIVE one) then please click on the Just Giving button on the left. This will take you to my fundraising page (with a beautiful photo of me). I would be eternally grateful.

OK. That's it for now. Got to go and dig out my umbrella. Do you think it's possible to walk 10 miles in your wellies?...

Friday, 20 June 2008

Toadstool Swap

Toadstool Swap
Originally uploaded by ethel and edna
Yay!! Molly has finally received her toadstool parcel from me so I can post pictures of the other ones I made. Quite a few of us had the same 'original' idea of adding doors and windows to make fairy houses, but even so they are quite different.
I sent the larger on to Molly with the lace frill around the cap. It has a red felt cap with white polka dots and I have sewn vintage pearly buttons onto the spots. More pictures can be seen if you have a look on my Flickr page.
Can't wait to see what Molly sends back to me now. Hopefully she will send it at the weekend so I'll be able to post about it at the end of next week. How exciting!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Oh Happy Day - come on, sing along...

Yay!!! I lost two whole pounds! Woop! Woop! OK so it might not sound like much for a first week BUT it's a loss and that's all that matters. I'm a happy bunny :o) I've decided to sponsor myself during my weight loss - £1 for 1lb. SO last night £2 went into the terramundi (so I can't swipe it back out for kiddie's lunch money and so I can't put weight back on, 'cause I cant take the money back out). I'm working on hubbie to see if he'll play too. If I lose as much as I hope to then I could have quite a tidy sum in there by the time I reach target.

Please just remind me of this when I'm going off the rails, won't you.

Well we've had confirmation so I can now show you our fab little holiday den. This is Blue Ocean, one of 3 Dilly Dally Chalets. How cute is this?!

This is the lounge, or drawing room as Terry Wogan told us we must say this morning. I hope the weather's like this when we are there.

And here is the view across the dunes looking over the bay towards St Ives. I can't wait.

Well it's Thursday which can only mean one thing - belly dancing. SO I'm afraid you're only getting a quickie post tonight. I need to get food sorted but I hasten to add:

a) it will be a balanced meal,

b) I will NOT be wearing my pyjamas,

c) I will NOT have red nail polish on,

d) I will be keeping myself dainty and perfumed,

e) my hair will be combed,

f) I will try not to open too many cans when I make tea.

The Housewife Quiz was obviously a big hit but I just think you've all cheated (apart from Liz) to make me look bad to my OH. :o) What I want is a Slob Quiz. I'd get 100% on that.

Oh one last thing... I just noticed that I'm rapidly approaching 100 posts. I think it may be time for a GIVEAWAY!!!! Will get something organised in time for post 100 so watch this space....

ttfn xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Useless Housewife - It's Official!!!

I forgot to add this. The fabulous (and fellow Barbie fan) April at Cake Makes the World a Better Place had this test on her blog and I had to have a go. She scored 90 and is a superior housewife. I scored 28 and am poor!! Tell me something I didn't know!!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Some of the questions are soooo funny. Give it a go yourself. There's also an option for a bloke to give it a try too. Will get my OH to have a go and let you know the results.

OK so how smug is he?... I think I may be about to be traded in for a new model. Was it the fact that I wear PJs and not a nightgown?


As a 1930s husband, I am

Take the test!

Catch-Up Monday

Well that seems to be the way this blog goes now, doesn't it? I never seem to get chance to post over the weekend so here's what I did.

After all the anticipation, the car boot sale on Sunday was a bit of a disappointment to say the least. I bought 1 top for belly dancing and that was it!!

Quite nice - very bright pink with loads of sequins. Incidentally the one on Wednesday is on the Lichfield to Walsall road just after you drive over the M6 Toll Road. There is also a Thursday car boot sale at Cannock. How spoilt are we?

Sunday was Father's Day, as you know. Kiddie hates shopping so wanted to make something for daddy instead. In the end it was a collaboration. She designed the cuttlefish (for that's what it is - OH's favourite underwater creature) and I made a pattern. I stitched it and she did all the decoration. I confess to having a bit of a 'paddy' half way through. The head was a nightmare to do and I just couldn't get the eyes to bulge like they should, so I nearly abandoned it. But kiddie got upset so I calmed down an had another go.

She also made him a card but I'm not sure where it's gone to show you. He liked the cuttlefish very much anyway. Like Baldrick and his turnip, OH now has a new 'special friend' to call his own - bless him.

Mum had more success on the car boot front over the weekend. She got me this fab rag doll. It says it's from St Lucia on the hat. She is obviously handmade as the stitching is very 'primitive', but cute nonetheless. She's lying on a pile of frilly tops and a 2 year old's party dress which mum got for me to chop up and recycle. Look at that scrummy turquoise one. What a colour!!

I have actually been a bit productive today. I think I showed you the 3 hand-covered buttons that incywincy Sam sent for kiddie, well I said I would make something to attach them to and here it is. I just happened to have this scrap of furnishing fabric with the right shade of blue in it, and a piece of glazed cotton also in the correct blue. How lucky was that!!

Here is the wee ladybird perched on a dandelion clock. The blue trim is just a scrap of the blue glazed cotton folded into thirds and top stitched (in a slightly wonky line).

I put a small pocket inside for her to put 'whatever' into. She was really pleased with it, so much so that she wants to use it for school tomorrow. What a result!!

I got some gorgeous post today from the fab Miss Frugality because, luckily I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was pootling through some fave Flickr contacts the other day. Julia (Miss F) had made some fantastic ATCs and was offering them for swapsies. I haven't got any made - yet - but I fell in love with them so asked if I could 'play'. She said 'yes' and here it is...

It's too nice to just put in a wallet or wherever people normally store ATCs so I've (very quickly and without too much finesse) put it into a box frame. I plan to do this a bit more carefully and stain the wood with a white wash but at least in here it's safe and I can see it. :o) Thanks so much Julia, and for the other bits a bobs as well. She included a cute little card and this bag full of beautiful beads and sequins. I can't wait to get playing with some ATCs of my own now, but first I must make some more stuff for the craft fair and I've not forgotten the Russian Doll Swap.

This coming weekend is going to be frantic ( I know, I know - we've only just had the last one). Saturday is Lichfield Folk Festival and kiddie is doing Irish dancing. There is a parade from the Guild Hall to the Cathedral in the morning and performances throughout the day in front of the cathedral. I just hope the weather holds. Saturday night is the Solstice Walk. I have not done anywhere near enough training for this so it's going to be blisters and aching feet by the end of it. Still, if I can raise some money for the hopsice then it'll be worth the pain. :0) Sunday morning I'm hoping for a bit of a lie-in and in the afternoon we're going to play with llamas. Can't wait for that.

Tomorrow evening is my first Slimming World weigh-in. Keep everything crosses for me. If I haven't lost any weight I may resort to amputation. One of my legs must weigh quite a bit...

New picture

Much as I love my photo of my felt balls, I'm getting a bit bored of it. Time for a new photo methinks... And what better image that my rose brooches. Roses to herald the coming Summer (yes, I'm ever the eternal optimist as far as British Summers are concerned) and a bit of self-promotion to boot. If you would like one of these lovely creations for yourself then head over to incy wincy stitches and you can order one for a very reasonable sum. Sam has loads of other lovely goodies for you to peruse as well.

I will post more later but my camera is giving me grief. It's my own fault - I managed to break the SD card (how did I do that?). OH has bought another one but it's being a tad temperamental. Later...

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Boring Saturday Night

Flipping Heck!! How crap is it on TV tonight?! I was all set for a nice lazy evening in front of the goggle box but there is nowt to watch. Oh, I tell a lie - I had a fab blast of patriotic pride cuz I watched the highlights of Trooping The Colour. One year I would love to take kiddie to see it for real. The atmosphere must be amazing. But now I am reduced to watching repeats of QI on Dave. Don't get me wrong I love QI with a passion. Stephen Fry is possibly one of the greatest men on Earth, but I anted to see something I've not seen before. A juicy crime thing or a good film. Oh well... Instead I'll drag out a meme I've had stashed away for just this type of occasion.

1. Why did you start your blog? I can't remember the first blog I read but the whole idea just had me hooked. The idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded people was fab. When I finished Uni I wanted to still be able to interract with crafty people but wasn't sure where to go or how to go about it. Blogging provided the perfect answer. If ever I get stuck with something there's always friendly, helpful advice out there in Blogdom.
2. How did you come up with your blog name? I think I may have told this story before so if you know it skip to point 3. When I was at Uni I shared studio space with my chum another "mature" student, Ann. It was tucked right out of the way and quite often staff would come to talk to us and to hide from other tutors and students. We gradually got a comfy chair and a table, and we joked about getting a kettle, a teapot and making it like an olde world tearoom. That explains the second bit of the name. Our tutor used to joke about the two of us being a double act like the artists Gilbert and George, and started suggesting names for us. Hinge and Bracket (thanks Ian), was one. Ethel and Edna was the last one and it just kind of stuck. When we graduated we planned to work together and this was going to be the name of our collaboration. We still hope to but 'Ethel' has another year of her degree left to finish first. (I was 'Edna' by the way) :o)
3. Do your friends and family know about your blog? Yes, very disconcertingly. A while ago I put a link to my blog in the sig of my emails. My mum and my sister both now read it, as does BDB, my belly dancing chum, Julia. My belly dancing tutor pops in from time to time, as do some of my fellow PTA mums. It was quite weird when I first realised that 'real' people I knew in person were reading it as well as my new 'invisible' friends. It's hard to explain why, but now I've got used to the idea. I just forget that they may be there. I just wish some of them would get blogging too.
4. How do you write posts? With 8 fingers. 2 thumbs and a computer keyboard ;o) Seriously, I usually write when I feel I have something interesting to say. If I've had a productive day I'll take pics and show off my creations. If I've received fab goodies in the post or bargains at a car boot I'll share them. If I want to have a moan or get something off my chest - you lot bear the brunt of it. I do try to make it funny as well. There's nothing worse than a great lengthy epistle of a blog post. Who would want to read that? That's why I usually try to add photos to break it up (sorry this one is an exception).
5. Have you ever had a troll or had to delete unkind comments? *touch wood* Not so far. Evreryone has been lovely. I have been pretty careful with security and moderation stuff, but so far so good.
6. Do you check your stats? Do you care how many people read your blog? If you do care, how do you increase traffic? I do check basic stats from time to time. This is my 90th post actually!!! It's still amazes me how many people do read the rubbish I write. I didn't have a hit counter for a long time but since I've added one I've had over 1000 kits already. Amazing! I don't worry too much about increasing traffic at the mo. Maybe, if I ever get around to setting up an etsy shop, I'll look at pushing it more but I'm quite happy at the moment.
7. What kind of blogs/posts interest you? Textile and crafty blogs of any sort. I love to see what other people have been making and how they sell (or not) their goodies. I like blogs that have photos. At the last count I had 105 blogs that I subscribe to, so whenever I get updates I flick through and look for interesting photos. Those are the posts I read first.
8. What do you like and dislike about blogging? I love and hate the concept of swaps. I love the bartering idea - sharing your work with people and receiving examples of others' work for no cost, BUT I hate the way I keep signing up for more, and working so hard on them that I keep neglecting the items I should be making to sell. :o) I also dislike the amount of time I spend reading blogs and writing my own. I wish I could write shorter posts sometimes. If only I could get paid for blogging... What a dream. :o)
9. Tag 5 other bloggers. Like Meridian Ariel who I got this meme from, I'm not going to tag anyone but if you fancy telling all then please feel free to have a go.

And now I give up. I'm going to bed. After all tomorrow is Sunday - car boot day!! ttfnxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Luvverly Goodies...

Yesterday Sally was praising all things English seeing as we are not going to be featuring in Euro 2008. At lunchtime I had a bit of an English thing going on so decided to take a picture. Ham salad sandwiches, strawberries and 'cream' and Earl Grey tea. I popped into Waitrose for a few bits and had this sudden desire for Earl Grey - how weird! Sometimes I just get bored with normal tea and coffee but I don't really like any of the herbal or fruit teas. This stuff is scrummy tho'. And it's all arranged on one of those fab Sarah Smith cleaning cloths. I actually bought two packs of them - these flowery ones and some deck chair stripey ones in red, white and blue. As an added bit of patriotism they are made in Somerset. (btw the 'cream' if fat free yoghurt)

Sally also has a giveaway competition running at the moment. Be warned - it's really hard (unless you've got the book she's based it on - I wish I had ;o) ).

I had a fabby bit of post this morning from incy wincy sam. She sent some of her business cards for me to send out with orders for brooches from the website, but she added some little extras to the parcel...

I believe a certain kiddie will be getting something made for her featuring 3 incy wincy buttons. How cute are they? There are two little printed fabric button and a hand cross-stitched 'E'. You can, of course, buy some of these fabulous buttons and lots of other scrummy stuff from the website - incy wincy stitches. (Yes - that was a blatant plug for the website, just in case you didn't realise lol.)
My visits to Waitrose seem to occur on the way back from a certain car boot sale. I was not going to go this morning but then I got a phone call from the Car Boot Goddess (mum) to say there was a man seeling fabric very cheaply if I wanted to go and have a look. I think he was selling up a soft furnishing business. The scrap box contained loads of pre-cut, cushion-sized squares and table-cloth-sized circles. All for 20p each or 20 for a £1!!!! He also had fabric on a roll for £1 a metre and rolls of un-pressed biad tape for 50p a roll.

My fabric stash has now increased in size considerably but at those prices I couldn't say no. The bias binding will come in really handy for my next project. I'll post pictures when I get it finished.
So I can now reveal the face of the Russian Doll I made.

The face is copied from her self-portrait doll (a bit). It's supposed to be Katy (I'm A Ginger Monkey). She has now received it so I can show her to you. Katy is quite pleased I think, especially with the collagen implants in her lips!!!
And finally....
A big thank you to Jelly Belly Jelly Brain. She has created a new blog award and I am one of the first recipients. I am the proud owner of the "You Make Me Laugh Award"!! How cool is that?! Unfortunately I'm having problems posting the 'medal of honour' (picture) to my blog but if you click on the link you can see it on JBJB's.
Stop Press: I have been and enrolled at Slimming World tonight. I am full of enthusiasm at the moment and really determined that this time it will work!! Hopefully by the time I go on holiday there will be quite a bit less of me; hopefully by this time next week there will be not quite as much as there is today :o).

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Summer Pud & Summer Hols.

So the diet's going really well actually. Since switching back to Slimming World I have felt a lot happier. I've done it from memory until I join a class and get all the paperwork but I've erred on the side of caution so hopefully I'll have lost some weight since last week. I'm at that stage of actually enjoying the diet and the picture below shows the pud I made for myself today, which kind of explains why I'm liking it.

I made this! Me - the Undomesticated Goddess! It's a mini Summer pudding (just in case you can't tell). The frozen summer fruits are free food, 2 slice of Weightwatchers wholemeal bread are a Healthy Extra B and the dollop of white stuff on top is not clotted cream. It's 0% fat Greek yoghurt which is also free food. Now what kind of a diet is that?! A good one at the moment. :o) In fact it's bloody miraculous as it's got me cooking and doing housewifey-type things. Aaargh!!

I have finally sent off my Toadstool swap parcel. It has all been bundled up and is now winging it's way to the 'US and A' (sorry - a bit of Borat creeping in there!). I really hope Molly likes what I've sent. Ii's frustrating that I can't post piccies yet but here is a taster of what she can expect to receive...

I now need to get the Russian Doll Swap thingie under way. I'm conscious that time is moving on more and more quickly. Before I know it July will be here and the Truly Handmade Craft Fair. I know I've mentioned it before but - hey - I've got to plug my first craft fair, haven't I?
Speaking of 'firsts', as you've seen I've had my first sale on Incy Wincy Stitches. Yippee!! We - IWS - have also had a massive mention on Cuteable. Thanks so much Lynsey for including us. :o)
Previously I mentioned trying to find somewhere to stay in Cornwall in the school hols. Well I have to say a HUGE thank you to Sara at All About Eden for all her emails today. She sent me some really good tip-offs and I've managed to find the most amazing place with the cutest beach-hut type chalets. They are nice and close to St Ives and they just happened to have one cancellation today. As the lady said, it must have been Fate. Spoke to hubbie this afternoon and he's quite happy so I can ring up tomorrow and get it all booked. Yay!!! I'm a very happy bunny. Thanks again Sara.

This isn't where we're going. It's a picture of Polly Joke - a fab little beach that we used to go to when we were all still at home. I don't think I'd manage down to this beach now as the easiest route is down a path from the cliff top. I don't think my knees would cope! lol
The 'hubster' is away again at the moment!! He's 'roughing' it in Dublin, on business of course. Yeah yeah! Pull the other one - it's got bells on (not really - I took 'em off after belly dancing class earlier!). He and his designer have been visiting customers trying to drum up some new business but there has been a bit of time for sight-seeing... And they have to eat... He is now a massive fan of Lebanese food. Wonder what delicacies they'll be sampling tonight? It's a bit warm for Irish stew and soda bread but an ice cold Guinness... ahhh now you're talking...

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Once again it's been ages. Sorry but it's just too hot to sit inside and blog, plus there's been so much going on - what with work and temporary single parenthood and nights out. Before I get stuck into anything else I just want to declare this blog a Big Brother Free Zone. If, as the weeks drag on, you get sick and tired of hearing about the 'wacky antics' in 'the house' then please feel free to visit. They are obviously going to keep dragging this torture on until it reaches series 10 at least but I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!!

OK. Rant over. Here we go with the catch-up. This is going to be in totally randon order as I can't be bothered to drag the pictures around to try to get them in the right order. I always end up with strange gaps in my text when I shuffle photos around.

So first up, Sunday. OH and kiddie had a good long lie-in so I snuck off to the car boot. There wasn't an awful lot to be had really but I got a few bargains. This great little bagful of perle cottons and cotton a broder was 30p. I do love the more matte threads like cotton a broder and flower thread. These will all come in very handy.

In the past I think I may have blogged a fab book that I had as a kid the Dean's Gift Book of Fairy Tales. The illustrations are gorgeous. I was lucky enough to find a copy in a charity shop in Brixham for about 50p, much to my sister's disgust. Well lookie here. I've found the companion book of Nursery Rhymes with the same illustrators, for 30p.

One picture in particular is just a gem! It looks soooo much like Evie having a strop. And her favourite auntie now I come to think of it...

I think I may have to get a copy of that one framed. :o) In keeping with the latest swap I'm working on, I found this (complete) set of Russian dolls. I just had to have 'em. Only one of your English pounds.

Other than that I bought a babygro with a fab print of cupcakes and sweeties. Could come in handy for the Mumsnet Challenge. Also a cotton romper in bright pink with huge white spots on it. Nice fabric to chop up for 25p a throw.

Whilst on the subject of spending, I almost forgot about my two parties last week. Body Shop on Wednesday - I bought a fab little set of 4 eye shadow cubes. The Pampered Chef (gasp! splutter! choke!) on Thursday - I bought a pump-action oil spray dispenser (Hey! Good for the diet without all the additives in Frylight).

Hmm... Sometimes I get a sudden jolt that reminds me I'm not quite the same as the 'other mums' at school. I'm not a full-time worker with a hectic schedule, and I'm not a full-time SAH mum who knows her child's every thought and movement. The ladies were all lovely, I knew virtually all of them and get on with them fine, but the first party just left me feeling slightly inadequate and a bit of a fish out of water. Must just have been one of those nights... Thursday was better. Food and drink were flying around and the demonstrations gave a focus to the whole thing. Much more fun even if it wasn't good for the diet.

Aah... the diet... Well... yes... I think I may possibly be the shortest-lasting Weightwatchers client in the history of the company. I managed 2 full days counting points, sorry Points, but I just can't get to grips with it. I'm not a person that can plan a week's menu in advance. I want to decide what I'm going to have for breakfast when I wake up, choose lunch at lunchtime and I'll think about tea(dinner) in the afternoon. I think I'm just a Slimming World girl. It's ingrained now and I can't reprogramme myself. So, I haven't abandoned my weight loss campaign completely, instead the WW books are going on eBay (hahaha!) and I'm joining Slimming World on Wednesday evening, but I'm Food Optimising from memory (the SW way) 'til then. Hopefully when I have my first SW weigh-in I'll have lost some since my WW weigh-in last week.

I have also started to up the activity levels. Running is still a dim and distant memory but I've walked about 4 miles today. I'm in training you see. On 21st June I'm doing the Solstice Walk. I think I may have mentioned it... Anyhoo, I now have my fundraising page set up so if anyone would like to sponsor me I would be eternally grateful. And of course it's another chance to dress up. I quite fancy a Harajuku-style fairy with fluffy legwarmers and bright coloured clothes, but then maybe I could wear some of my belly dancing clothes instead...

So I mentioned OH was away in Cornwall diving... Well here are a couple of photos - one that he took of a crab and another one of the man himself in action.

He really shouldn't have gone as he was soooo full of cold. He dosed himself up and felt OK, but since he's got back he's got "man flu". He did enjoy the diving tho', so he doesn't care that he feels pants now. Personally I think he needs a holiday... rather than a birthday party (hee hee)... A week in Cornwall is what he needs but with no diving. Shock horror!!
Actually we've decided we are going to go away but cuz we've left it sooo late - you try and find somewhere. If anybody has any sneaky contacts for self-catering accommodation in Cornwall during the schools hols please give me a nod. Pleeease. :o) This is where I want to be... aaaah

OK I'm going to finish there so that at least I'm all up to date. Then I can come back over the next few days and add all the things I've forgotten.
Like Trevor McDonald used to say, "And finally..."
Remember my little comment about the new Dolly Parton song?... Well here she is...
The Dolly Llama!!

My Very First Sale!!!

Rose brooch - pink
Originally uploaded by ethel and edna
Woohoooo! The brooches had only been on the incywincystitches website a couple of hours when this little baby sold. Yeehaaaa!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

So it begins....

...the weight loss programme. Yup I did it. I went to my first WW meeting. They were a very friendly bunch and several of them I already knew. A girlie I knew through our parents being friends, my neighbour and a friend who I haven't seen for years. SO I got throught the door, registered, paid, got weighed and then sat and talked non-stop for 45 minutes. :o) The lady who takes the class - Sue - was a bit thrown I think. She commented on that fact that I knew so many people. Just coincidence really.

So now all I have to do is read through all the books and decide if I'm going Core Plan or Point Plan. And that's it!! No effort. Huge weight loss. I shall look like my new Meez in no time at all. lol

After class I had to trot over to Chellaston again to retrieve my mum. My auntie had made lunch for us so I came away podged. She believes in giving you all of your '5 a day' in every meal. Lovely grub but loads of it. Not a great start to the diet but I can't start it until I've read the bumf, can I?

By the time I got back from there and read my emails it was time to do the school run, so I have do NO crafting at all today :o( . And tomorrow I'm in work all day. The poor loves - it's final assessment time for my girls. I'm excited to be seeing the finished results of their work, but I just hope they've all done plenty so we can at least 'pass' them, but hopefully higher grades than that will be awarded.

On the other hand I am hub-less for the next 2 days as he has gone to Cornwall on a dive trip. So I will be able to spend all evening stitching without feeling guilty for abandoning him. I am just such a good wife. I let him go away about 3 times a year. He just needs reminding every so often that most blokes aren't that lucky hehehe. A little guilty conscience every so often does no harm.

Right I'm going to start the marathon reading session 'til mum gets here. Tonight I am going to a Body Shop party - woohoo!!! Hopefully I should have some photos to show you tomorrow. Oh and tomorrow night a Pampered Chef Party is being held next door. How funny is that?! Me - the Un-Domestic Goddess going to a party about cooking and kitchen-y things. rmao

ttfn xx

Oh btw I'm coming up to 1000 visits to my blog, and I've not had the counter that long... Perhaps a giveaway is in order? I'll ponder it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Three in one day?!!

Well I thought I'd struggle to do one post today but suddenly I'm on number 3!! I found these two postcards in my card organiser and had to post them following that meme I've just done. I'm going to get them framed and put them on the wall.

And just to prove how pants my day has been take a look at my shopping list on the blackboard. Doh!! Considering the Special Talent I've listed in the meme I think that is hilarious!!!

But I have had one successful creation today. Gordon, Hugh et al would be so impressed with me today. I have cooked. From scratch. Using basic ingredients. No jars or packets involved.


OK so there was rather a huge clue in the previous photo. I am very proud of myself. OH is going to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days diving, but he is full of cold and may not be able to go. SO I'm blasting him with garlic to try and kill those pesky cold germs. He's got garlic bread to go with the garlic-laced pasta-fest so those bugs won't stand a chance. I'm not jealous about him going to Cornwall you understand... I didn't infect him with the germs on purpose... honest!!

btw I have filed my nails a bit. :o)

Oh the llama thing. That was the other one. Kiddie (as you may or may not know) has a very unfortunate birthday. Christmas Eve. So every year, like the Queen, she has a second birthday when she has a party or whatever for all her friends. That is when we buy her a big birthday prezzie, then in December she just gets smaller things. Anyhoo, this year she wanted to do something different for her party. Something nobody else has ever done. So I spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon Googling attractions and party venues in the local area.

A map of the National Forest came up and right on the edge of the map was... LLAMA TREKKING. How cool! They also do kids birthday parties. I showed her the website and she was sold. So that's what we're doing. 8+ friends will be grooming, feeding and walking llamas. Collecting eggs from the hens (thats hens not chickens - just ask Katie). They then do sack races, space hopper races and other stuff. Party bags, a cake, food and even invitations are included. Can't be bad now can it?