Tuesday, 22 April 2008

4 new little Silly Girls & 1 great BIG one!!!

new sillies
Originally uploaded by ethel and edna
Well here at last (hopefully) are the 4 new girls. They are relaxing in the sun on our front garden bench. Think the one with the white hair looks a bit shifty. :0)
Further to my last post, I have realised that we haven't been hacked or infected with a virus. One of the suggestions from Blogger to help the photo upload problem, was to delete all cookies! This included ALL remembered IDs, passwords, etc. Now hands up - who was shouting that at their computer as they were reading?! hehe I'm just not cut out for this computer lark, am I?

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artisbliss said...

Sorry to hear about your recent technical difficulties. It's always humbling when they're a result of operator error.

I like your sillies, and I agree about the white haired one. I think it's her eyes...