Saturday, 8 August 2009


My crochet addiction continues apace. The Granny Squares are gradually joining themselves together (completely unaided) to form blocks. They plan to become cushion covers aparently.

Not content with your basic 2 dimensional hooking, I've now ventured into the third dimension.


Kiddie is suitably chuffed with this concept as she is now the proud owner of a small woolly chick, who sleeps in a small woolly nest and eats very small woolly worms.

(In this picture the worm has crawled away before being scoffed.)

When I visited The Knitting Corner I spotted some fabbo crocheted/knitted bunting hanging from the beams and had to have a little go myself. I found a video tutorial for making triangles but made a bit of a mess of the last few rows (hence the bulge and the 'bent' point) and the edging wasn't great, but I keep trying.

Here's another little play with amigurumi. The yellow is a second birdie and the green is an experiment. Watch this space (in case it works...).

One piece that is working is my cotton rope scarf. I keep ploughing away at the rows of (UK) double crochet - very therapeutic - and hopefully one day soon will have a finished scarf.

So that's me for now. What with school holidays and working..... Ah knickers! You've heard it all before! lol
Will post when I can. Hopefully soon there will be Bongo adventures to share. 'Til then,