Tuesday, 23 December 2008


That's the only word for it here Chez e&e. Tomorrow is kiddie's birthday amd she is having such trouble getting to sleep. It's now 11.42pm and she hasn't appeared for 10 minutes so we're holding our breath that she's finally succumbed to exhaustion. Bless...
If that is the case I really shouldn't be on here when I have sooooo much else to do. Her prezzies need bringing down and arranging on the sofa (her request). Her cake needs the decorations making but I don't think I'm capable of making models out of fondant icing tonight. That can be a game to play tomorrow, maybe kiddie can join in.
Her BIIIIG prezzie needs hiding somewhere to give maximum impact when she realises what she's got. It's all she had asked for this year for her birthday or Christmas. Santa has received so many letter from her, all asking for the same thing, in fact even Tara the Tooth Fairy has had a request for one. The child is desperate!! While it's way more than we'd usually spend, we have 'recycled' lots of her older toys on eBay and have used the proceeds towards the present, so in effect she had paid towards it, which we are going to explain to her.
She is going to be soooooooo pleased. I think me and Mr e&e are both just as excited to see her reaction. As my hubbie said, 'she's having it for her birthday so we get all the glory. There's no way Santa is going to get the credit for this one!!!'. lol
The Christmas Market in Lichfield with incywincy went really well. It was soooo cold but I sold Holly Dolly and a Silly Girl, plus other bits and bobs too. So it was worth freezing our bits off in the end. We had visits from blogging/forum friends - thanks Apryl and Leah for popping by, and Julia and Sam's bro for coffee to thaw us out. The mulled wine from the Scouts stall was very potent but scrummy too.
And now I shall leave you all in peace 'til next year. There are a busy couple of days ahead then we're off to Devon for a few so don't think I'll fit in another post (not with my current rate of psting anyhoo) before NYE.
Have a fantabulous Christmas and a New Year that exceeds expectations. Eat, drink, stitch and be merry and see you all in 2009.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmassy Creations.

Well there were going to be loads more pictures but today seems to be my turn to fall out of favour with Blogger. Here's a quick couple of piccies of our first Crimble tree. This is the fake one that I got for a fiver from a local DIY shop. It was an ex-display model of a pre-lit tree. How fab not to have to wrestle with yards of strings of fairy lights, thought I. HA! The flippin' transformer was missing. 'Oh pop back later in the week. We may find it when we're tidying the warehouse', said the nice lady. HA! again. No such luck.

So now we have a fab pre-lit tree but the lights don't work. Oh we investigated buying a new transformer for it. The cheapest we could find was £52!!! Ah well. It's pretty isn't it? I was going to show you close-ups of more of the baubles but Blogger wouldn't play so you'll have to make do with glimpses. The purpley ones are encrusted with beads and are scrumptious. And they must be contenders for The Bargain of the Year. A box of 24 for £1.00!! Mum found a chap selling all sorts of decorations off - all made by Sia. There are hot pink and lavender satin ones and some hot pink sequinned ones too. Plus beaded tassels and some spiral drop things with beads all over them.

And now onto previews of my wares for the Christmas Market in Lichfield on Sunday.

These are the fully-stuffed decorations, hand embroidered and scented with a lovely Christmassy whiff. The gingham ribbon was my prezzie from Katy Ginger-Monkey and just seemed French countrified to me, hence the French ords on some of them.

I actually felt physical pain when I raided my stash of little MOP buttons to decorate them. But I hoard way too much stuff and MUST use some of it.

And here's my wish for anytime from the 18th of December onwards....

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease..... :o)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Frantically Festive.

Well the small kiddie is back at school. At last!! And now I am soooooo behind it's untrue. Where do I begin? I think you've seen these chaps

and the trees

Well here is a shot of my last little endeavour as a WIP. They are now stuffed and stitched up and smelling gorgeously Christmassy. I have just uploaded the pics from the camera but Blogger is on a 'go-slow' and it will take too long to put them on the blog today. I will do it soon to show you.

The weekend just gone was Hellish to say the least. The low point was OH's diving regs falling into the sink in the cloakroom with the following result -

At the time we laughed and laughed. It was when he tried to plumb in a new sink that the problems started. He is NOT a fan of DIY or confined spaces, so combining the two was not good. Yesterday we had a man-who-can round and now all is sorted (apart from the hot tap is blue and the cold tap is red!!!) but no leaks. Phew.

Just to bring everything up to date, here's a very late THANK YOU to Katy (imagingermonkey) for my prezzies.

Remember way back in the mists of time I met up with several other bloggy mates?? (Sew To Bed, LucyKate, Meridian Ariel, IncyWincy, Ginger and PennyDog) Well we had a fab time. It was lovely to meet everyone in 'real life'. We drank lots of coffee and ate cake and watched the small people playing and falling in love and taking over the entrance to Starbucks. Yay! Then we went to Ikea and I spent - no, not the usual £30ish but £2!! How impressive was that?!
I shall be meeting up with Sam (incy) on Sunday when we shall be appearing as a double act at the Lichfield Christmas Craft Market. Come and look for us on the market square in front of St Marys Church and if you want to ply us with hot chocolate to help thaw us out then we wouldn't say no :o). It should be a really lovely day - I'm just panicking at how little stuff I've got made and I keep seeing Sam posting more and more stuff that's she has produced on her blog/Twitter/Flickr pages. I'd better go and get to work.
Hope you like the little tweaks to the blog. A festive Meez with a bit of mistletoe. Now don't go kissing the screen (if I have any male readers)!!! And a Chrstmassy/office party style playlist. As I don't have a works Christmas 'do' to go to I thought I'd have my own virtual one. Feel free to have a little boogie while you're online.
PS Such a shame about Oliver Postgate. I love the nostalgia of Bagpuss, The Clangers and Ivor the Engine. "The Marvellous Mechanical Mouse-Organ!!"

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Sorry for my absence but I have a small kiddie who is poorly. Will be back when she's a bit better. Nothing too serious, just a nasty virus with raging temperature, bad headache, sore throat, aches and pains, but mummy has to be at her constant beck and call. Have escaped from CBBC for a few minutes (before I start climbing the walls!!) to check emails, etc.

Hopefully back soon to show you what I've been making. Yes! crafting has taken place!!