Wednesday, 23 April 2008


OK. I'm sorry. I confess I cheated a bit on this one today. None of the above belong to me but I love 'em all. The Moomins are just fantastic. I remeber coming across the paperbacks by accident about 12 years ago. Before they ever appeared on telly over here. The names alone are just fabulous. My fave was always the Fillyjonk, but there's also Sniff, Snufkin, Mymble, Little Mi, The Groke and, of course, the Hattifatteners.
There's just something about Scandinavian humour... My photography tutor at college was Norweigian and she was fab but insane (in a good way). hehe
Tomorrow I will get my camera out and photograph my own mug. Promise.


liz said...

I didn't know the moomins were on tv. I came across the book in the library a while ago and read it to my son, but he's just a little bit too old for them, although he doesn't mind what I read to him, as long as he doesn't actually have to read himself!

artisbliss said...

Love the mugs. I've got so many I wouldn't know where to start!

paper-and-string said...

The moomins are amaing aren't they?
so cute :-)

Katy said...

moomin mugs? oh dear, I feel some googling's about to happen...

plus I now know what I'm going to use for your doll in the meecrafty doll swap - HOORAH!!!! ;)

(little mi was my fave - she's a naughty little thing, I'd rush home from school to watch them on telly)

FeltFinland said...

Their names in Finnish are even more amazing,Pikku myy - Little mi, Niiskuneiti(snorkmaiden), muummipeikko, muummimama, muummipapa,nuuskamuikkunen(snufkin), nipsu(sniff),mörkö(groke),hemuli, haisuli(stinky) and hattivatit(hattifatteners)

Sal said...

I have a Moomins book in my study.
I loved the tv programme as well.Fantastic stuff! ;-)