Sunday, 30 December 2007

Well have just returned from a few days in Devon with my little sis and her family. Had a great time. Weather not too bad - got to walk on the beach which is always great. Popped over to Dartmouth for a quick trot around the shops. Baby bruv and family came down yesterday to break the news that they are expecting a new addition to the gang in August. Fab stuff!!

We got home about 11ish last night. Watched a bit of TV then went up to a night in our own comfy pit... or so we thought... Mike said he thought it felt damp. I thought the mattress was just cold - until I sniffed it. YUCK!!! One a the b"$&)*d cats has decided litter trays are not good enough for him - he prefers to pee on our bed!! Twice!! The mattress is completely trashed. The base of the divan is marked too. Just hope I can clean that. Bleach. Disinfectant. Febreze. Our bedroom smells like the cleaning aisle of Tesco's. God, I love pets.

So tomorrow we hit 'the sales'; not for exciting stuff like clothes, shoes or toys but for a bloody mattress and duvet. Whoo hoo!

Crimbo has been good tho' on the whole. Got lots of lovely prezzies:- Russell Brand Live DVD, silver and turquoise coin shimmy belt for belly dancing, perfume, hair stuff, Russell Brand calendar, Mary Poppins doll, necklace and earrings from Ann, sequinned sketchbook from Yvonne, and on and on and on. I'm a very lucky girl. Also got £30 from the in-laws to buy what I didn't get but wanted. Just need to decide what that should be - screen printing set, kiln, PMC clay??? Who knows?

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Well I am now officially unemployed. Yesterday was my last day at Sutton Coldfield College as an employee. It was really quite sad - so many peeps had written such nice stuff in my card. It is so weird to think that I won't be there next term. I keep thinking about what needs to go in the kiln next and where I will put the nee delivery of Modroc, but then I remember none of it matters any more. S. E. P.

As it was the end of term and everyone was breaking up for Christmas we spent the afternoon in the pub having a final 'dirty burger' and plenty drinks too. Gradually as people drifted away to do last minute shopping the lump in my throat grew bigger. I will keep in touch with everyone and pop in from time to time but it's not the same. The real end to an era! sob sob

Have actually got my Facebook profile up and running now. I have a whole NINE friends!!! Wow. All this technology is shocking! Need my own PC tho' as Mike is on ours all the time.

One bonus about leaving work is that I will now have time to make some stuff! All my good intentions for Christmas went out of the window as I just haven't had time to make much at all. A few sock monkeys are gradually appearing now but it's a bit of a rush. But once Christmas and New Year are over with, apart from looking for a new job, I will have chance to really sort out my workroom and get making something. The question is what? Will get a new sketchbook on the go and see what little flashes of inspiration I get while I'm down in Devon. The seaside in Winter... I can't wait.

Got a manic few days ahead now. Evie's party is tomorrow. Six little 7-year old girls having their first sleepover. I must be mad! Christmas Eve is kiddie's birthday, then , of course, it's Christmas Day and Boxing Day we drive down to Nick's. Phew maybe then we'll get some rest.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Here I go again. Have just sorted out my profile on Facebook - at last!!! Thought I would give my blog another try however it's taken me 3 days to sign in!! I have so many different passwords I can never remember which is for which.
Have had a taste of being unemployed again today. Stayed at home looking after sick kiddie without having to rush to get up and ready. Bliss! The only problem being that I couldn't actually get upstairs and do anything vaguely creative.
Sock Monkeys are the next project to investigate. Evie wants one and Sam has seen the Yoda one I emailed him and wants one of those. Nicky asked if they were 'real' - bless her.
Back to work tomorrow. Got to make the most of the facilities in my last week and a half (lol). Really I just want to try and leave the place in a reasonable order for Jamie.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Losing my blogging virginity!

Oh my goodness! After looking at I don't know how many other gorgeous blogs I have decided to take the bull by the horns and start my own. Woo hoo!!!

And now I've done it I don't really know what to post.

I suppose I want to use this as a place to put down my ideas and musings and (hopefully) get some response from like-minded folksies out there in cyberspace. Now I have left Uni but Ann (edna) is carrying on for two more years, so my creative other half will not be there to consult with and, more importantly, discuss last night's telly.

This is going to be one steep learning curve as I try to work out how to make my blogspot look as fab as all the others I have seen - adding photos that don't cover the whole page, for instance.

I'm sure I'll work it all out.

Let's see if this first one looks OK.....