Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm Back!!!!

WOW!! I'm going to go away for a few days again!! Look what I'd received when I logged on today... aren't I a lucky girl? In fact I seem to have been awarded this by three lovely peeps - incywincy, jennyflower and tiptop. How greedy is that?! Seriously - I'm so chuffed. Thank you all and everyone else for reading my waffle. :0)

I believe in turn I now have to pass this award onto my 5 fave blogs - how hard is that going to be?! Right, here we go..
1. Beautiful Things - my own private 'soap' or that's how it feels, reading the next instalment in the house move (and being a nosey sod looking at the photos :0D hehe). Any room with Barbie pink wall has got to be alright in my book!!
2. What Katie Did - the first blog I ever read and still one of my favourites. Currently we are on an Inter-rail trip around Europe but Katie's work 'shed' is to die for. Her felt and knitted goodies are gorgeous.
3. RicRac - Jodie's blog is 'like a box a choclets - ya never know what your gonna git'. OK so my Forrest Gump impression wasn't great, but it's true. There's always something fab and exciting on RicRac. When my Bloglines alarm goes "ping" this is one of the names I'm really glad to see come up.
4. Carina's Craftblog (aka Wardi) - this is sunshine in a blog. Carina's blog is always so colourful and happy. The clever girlie has also got through to the final 5 in the Softies Awards - Embroidered to Death category with her Happyscape. Click on the link to take part in the voting.
And after much deliberation, the coveted 5th spot goes to....
5. vicious chicken - must be THE funniest blog I've ever read. The everyday story of Little Rosie Probert, Shifter and the 'munkeh' army. Fantastic!
To those who I didn't pick - sorry. It was really hard. In fact it has taken me 3/4 of an hour just to go through and pick and I'm still not sure now.
Onto other stuff (quickly cuz it's 11.30 and I'm a tired bunny). We didn't get back til 11.45 last night and after 4 hours+ driving I was more than ready for beddy.
Anyhoo, had a fab weekend, although the weather wasn't quite as great as I had hoped. Saturday was lovely. In the afternoon we went into Totnes. Yay!!! One day I will live there. We walked in through the back of the market and I could've kicked myself as I had no cash on me (no surprise there then!!). There were many and various bargains to be had and I missed out on most of them. Huge baskets of ribbons at 50p a bundle. Fabrics oddments at £1 a throw. Grrrr! >:0( By the time cash had been procured everyone was packing up. The African drumming, chanting and dancing chilled me out a bit tho' so I wasn't too sad.
After that we trotted merrily round the corner to have a sneaky peak in This 'n' That, Gazebo and Hulabaloo. Unfortunately you really can't do shopping in Totnes properly with three fractious kids in tow, so we sold them!! No, not really. But our retail therapy was severely curtailed. Ah well. Next time the daddys can babysit while we indulge.
I did buy one small item which the Moomin fans amongst you will appreciate...
As Rolf would say,'Can you tell what it is yet?'...
(What is it with rubbish impressions tonight? Sorry.) I was going to use this item to make something and post photos of that something but I had to go into work after all today so I didn't get chance. It is....
a set of Moomin Gingerbread Cutters!! Yay!! Gingerbread Hattifatteners. Can't wait! There's also a Moomintroll and a Snufkin. I will endeavour to make some tomorrow and post a piccie.
Nearly forgot my two little bargains from the hospice shop in Brixham. These babies were 50p each. Not bad eh?

Oh-oh. I'm really running out of steam now.....

I'm so glad incy liked her giveaway prezzie. My extra little surprise was a Mini Silly with a hanging loop. I just had this idea to reduce the pattern and see what happened. I made two of them - well while you're making one you may as well make another. Here's a picture of the one I kept. Do you like her hair? It's that fab wool I bought last week. hehe I love her.

OK I give up now. I must go to beddy-byes. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


artisbliss said...

Your mini silly had me laughing out loud, for sure. Love that hair!

Glad you had a good time, but glad you're back, too.

incywincy said...

I LOVE Miss Mini Silly! She is so fab!!

Sal said...

Oooh you did Totnes! Glad you enjoyed it!
Yes, I drove along that vile road today!!


Tip Top said...

Yours is a fab blog!!

Love the hair!

Miaou said...

oooh that RD complete guide to needlework is my BIBLE! I was given it (new) as a young teenager and I have used it sooo much over the years. I am sure there are better/more comprehensive guides out there now but I haven't found them if there are.

Kate said...

I bought those cutters from the SAME SHOP!! I love that shop. Won't get back there till August. (Haven't made any cookies yet, either). How late am I commenting!? Couldn't let this one pass though!! xx

the vicious chicken said...

I'm so sorry that I'm such a long way behind with blog things, but just wanted to come and say thanks ever so for thinking of my random little blog with this award - I'm touched, thank you! :o)