Monday, 14 April 2008

Silly Girls

silly girls
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**to be said in the style of Mr Spock and Captain James T Kirk**

"Permission to make Silly Girls, Captain?"
"Permission granted."
"Thank you Captain."

No - Leonard Nimoy is NOT going to be working in a sweat shop for me!! It's just that I've sent THE payment to Missy B so now it's all official. Production of Silly Girls can commence in earnest. Just need to find all that info from incy about pricing. Now where did she send it........? ;0)

Look out for a sister for Frenchie tomorrow (hopefully) and this time they will have clothes on.

Want to have a go at making at least one softie for the 2nd Annual Softies Awards. Busy day tomorrow - thank Heaven I've got over my excesses of the weekend.

Keep your entries coming in for my GIVEAWAY. You've got until Saturday.