Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Goodies Number 1

Kiddie decided she wanted to make pudding of some kind after Sunday lunch.  She didn't want any help - she was adamant so we left her to it.  After a while (and a couple of hiccups) she came back in the room with these little babies.

The photos don't really do them justice.  She'd made choclate cupcakes with bright red (?) butter cream and edible glitter (glitter with everything - it's a must).  But... because I'm trying to lose weight she'd made me 2 teeny weeny ones in petit fours cases so I didn't miss out but didn't fall off the wagon. Hopefully it won't make any difference tonight - Tuesday night weigh-in!

Goodies Number 2

Stash.  Stash!!  STASH!!  STASH!!!  My fabric stash has grown somewhat this weekend which can never be a bad thing.  :o)

A bundle of 24 fat quarters has found it's way into my bag and is heading up the stairs to The Spare Room as we speak.

On Sunday we visited 'Stitches' at the NEC.  That's main annual trade show for needlecrafts, knitting wools, fabrics and 'habby'.  One of our suppliers is branching out into patchwork fabrics and we bought some to see how it goes.  Some of the designs are fab.  Very 'Cath-like'.  And there are some really cute mini prints too.

Bundles of 4 FQs are in our shop for £8.95 but they won't be there for long.  Tomorrow afternoon is the next P & Q workshop and I would imagine our band of new enthusiasts will be stash-building too :o)

Goodies Number 3

Shhhh.  Don't tell OH but I've bought " ANOTHER new book!!.."  Our bargain book shop in Lichfield is brilliant.  SOmehow they manage to get stocks of some of the most recent craft books at stupidly cheap prices.  This one was a fiver and while I've never noticed it before, I thought it would be brill for more fund raising projects for The Tribute Fund.  I shall sit and peruse...

Other books I've bought VERY recently have included the Tilda books by Tone Finnanger.  And all are £5 or £6!!  My arms are several inches longer due to the weight of my bags when I leave the shop!

Right.  Must go and get ready for work.

Next time - once I got the nod that the parcel has arrived - I'll be 'doing a reveal' of my return to blog swaps.  The Nightmare Before Valentine's Day swap organised by Apryl was fab fun.  I'll show you what I made and sent and, when it arrives, show you what I received.  Excited!  :o)


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The first of many...

...in a long line of projects I've dabbled with since last we spoke.  Apologies for the fact that you need to be lying on your side to look at the photos.  If you've got a laptop on the sofa or in bed then no probs.  If you're like me and have a PC on a desk I'm imaging you now - cheek on the tabletop, nose on the space bar.  :o)

These two babies were made for my neice and nephew as christening gifts.  Well I was going to be God-Mummy and I hadn't got a clue what to get in the gift department.  I wanted to get them something that would last and hopefully they would keep for a long time.  All the china cups and money boxes and stuff are not really 'my thing'. 

Kiddie received several (for which I am very grateful - before anyone gets upset (o:  ) but they do gather dust somewhat and once she was out of the Winnie the Pooh stage they weren't really in keeping with her room.  I didn't want to use said mugs and bowls for fear of breakages, but sadly they will be relegated to boxes in the loft.

Maybe these quilts will.  Who knows...


I wanted to do very pretty and girly for my neice but she wasn't an ickle baby so it had to suit 'a big girl'.

A few ditsy prints and some polka dots seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.  I did squeeze some pink in there but also lilac and that scrummy appley, leafy Spring green to stop it from being too babyish.

Apparently on the night of The Big Event a very tired girl would not go to sleep until she had her new blankie to cover her up.  Result!

My baby bruv and SiL wanted to hang the quilts on the kids' bedroom walls to keep them nice. 


They had strict instructions that they must be loved and snuggled and squished and used.

My nephew was not a baby either.  He was most definitely an active little chap (who really didn't want to hang around while some woman in a long white frock poured water over his head!!).  Pale baby blue would not be right.  This one called for bright colors.

My brother and his wife are as nuts about the South West coast as me.  In fact they are actually young and fit enough to don the neoprene and catch a few waves.  So a seaside/coastal/beach theme seemed quite apt.  They have a camper van and tent which they use quite a bit so I decided to make a quilt to suit.

Sand, dunes, fish and of course BUSES!  Perfect.

So there we have it.  A bit of what I've been up to.  There's much more to share but I won't hit you with it all in one go.  Slowly slowly...

I've practised uploading photos again (and I've changed to the new Blogger posting method).  Just need to remember to rotate the flipping photos before uploading them and I'll be sorted!


Here we go again...

err... a very tentative 'hello'.

I'm scared to say it but I think I'm back. Only one year and one month later 'normal' service has hopefully been resumed.

To wrap it all up very quickly - hub was out of work for 11 of the past 18 months but in December he started a new job which (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) is much better and will (hopefully) last. He is much happier there and has settled in really well. Phew!

So the PC is mine again. The house is mine again (on the days I'm not at work). And inbetween housework I can squeeze some crafting and blogging. Did I get that the right way around?

I have actually been keeping my hands busy while I've been away. I had to do something to keep me sane. :o) Photos will follow but - as Miranda's mum would say - "Bear with. Bear with".

Apart from hooking and quilting and shimmying and stick-bashing I've created a new blog.
I really must be stupid to go from no bloggin to running two and contributing to a third but - hey ho - I think it's called hitting the ground running.

My new one is about my sponsored weight-loss programme (aarrgghh!! that phrase). I need to lose many pounds so I thought I'd donate some of them to charity. Have a quick lookie over there and all will be revealed.

The blog I contribute to is the blog for the shop where I work - Staffordshire Needlecraft Centre. It's a place to keep our customers up to date with new stock, workshops and so on. We are developing a mail order side to the business so we can send stuff through the post. Patchwork fabric, haberdashery, wool, lace, trims, buttons.... you name it.

Anyway, enough of that.

I'm off to grab some breakfast then it's back to sorting out the chaos that is The Spare Room. HQ is in a bit of a state since I acquired some new drawers for my patchwork stash. I'll take some piccies of that too so I can brush up my rusty blogging skills. How do you upload photos again....?