Thursday, 3 April 2008

Why oh why oh why can't I remember to add a title?!

After posting the bouncing balls advert for Sony Bravia the other day, dogdaisy92 has sent me this which made me roar with laughter.

She does the most fabulous embroidery/textile stuff. It fair makes me drool. Clink on the link to see her pics on Flickr and then you can visit her etsy shop. One day I'll have my own.

Today I have completed my first commission. A friend from school and her kids saw my badges at the table top sale back in February, and her littlest asked if she could have them in her party bags for her birthday. So 'mum' sent the list of names and I made the badges for them all. At the sale most of my badges were made from recycled magazines and comics, so the kids' ones were 'Charlie and Lola' and suchlike. I was worried that the new ones wouldn't be what she wanted but, once you've got a name on large enough to be clearly visible there's not a lot of space on a 38mm badge for much else.

I scanned some gingham fabric, put it into Photoshop then added the names over the top. The older girls wanted a different design so I played with all sorts of filters and patterns in Photoshop and came up with the middle picture, which almost looks like fabric I think.
Anyway, once they were all finished I dropped them round this afternoon and they were over the moon with them. As a result I received my first earnings:

Woohoo!! Real pound coins and everything!! Maybe I should frame 'em. I'm just glad that they were happy with the badges. Check out some of the names btw!! Aren't they great?!

Before delivering the order I went to visit incy's mummy and pick up my parcel of goodies. Look what that nice lady - Sam - has given me. Tomorrow I am mostly going to be making tassels for my belly dancing dolls. I have given Sam a little prezzie as a 'thank you'. Shhh - don't tell her what it is.....

Why? You may well ask. Well, when I went to that jumble sale the other weekend - you know the one, fill a bag for a pound - there was one little gem that I didn't add to my Flickr pages. I was going to wait and unveil it as a 'before and after' but instead I have decided to reveal it now in all it's unloved, mildewed glory.

Ahh bless... I can hear you all humouring me now, but NO I have not lost my marbles. This WILL be a fantastic beach trolley. Just think how much clobber you could stuff in one of these babies - towels, cozzies, barbecue, booze, wellies, coats, scarves, kitchen sink..... Even carrying it over sand between two people would be easier than lugging loads of holdalls and carriers bags (sorry - wash my mouth out). With a bit of Cath Kidston oilcloth, some car spray paint and some tlc this will be my practise run for when I get my VW camper (you know the one that currently resides in Cloud Cuckoo Land). It will be a funky, surf-chic beach wagon. Watch this space..... Everyone will want one!!!!


Susie said...

Well done you, those little badges are great. All your trolley needs is a 'go faster stripe' down the side. I used by Grandmas all the time, really miss it now.

incywincy said...

Wow - those threads look great :)

Well done on your commission order - button bages look great and what a lovely idea for a b'day party. =D

Swirlyarts said...

That is a fantastic trolley! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I knew you'd see it's potential!!