Sunday, 13 April 2008

THE Party!!!!

You are all invited to a party. OK so it happened last night but here is a glimpse of just what you missed. Dress code is ANYTHING from the 70s - hippy, glam rocker, disco, Grease, Abba, Scooby Doo - and on and on. As you know I chose to go punk.
Now how gorgeous do I look? NOT!! OH found it hilarious. Evie is in therapy!! She was traumatised by the chains - nose to ear and round neck with padlock!!! - and wouldn't speak to me when she got back from her party. She very reluctantly gave me a kiss goodnight when they dropped us off at the party. This morning she has gone swimming with friends so I have the morning to get back to normal-ish.

Now can you guess what 'dance' we are all doing here? This is one of the reasons why my legs are killing me this morning. Luckily noone got photos of me pogo-ing to 'Pretty Vacant'. :0)Thank you to the people who sat in front of me. Sitting on the floor legs akimbo in a very short skirt is NOT a good look.
We had a fantastic night. I wish I could show you more pix but obviously I don't really appear on the ones I took, and I can't publish my pix of everyone else until I have delivered all the blackmail letters (lol).
Here are a couple of shots of the aftermath that I can show you. Exhibit #1 is the inside of my handbag after my purse has been extracted this morning. No it's not anything illegal - it's birthday cake!! When I got back home last night I got OH to make me a cuppa and out of my bag came an exploded piece of cake which had fallen out of it's serviette, hence the crumbs. Nice.

The next photo should serve as a warning to anyone contemplating 'growing old disgracefully'. Just remember - you can go out looking FAB and well up for it, BUT it's the morning after that's the killer!!!! I'm heading straight for the kettle and a long soak in the bath.

PS Next month it's Spice Girls and Village People!! And OH is coming too. :0)

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liz said...

Just came back for another visit now I've recovered from the flu. had a good look round your lovely blog:)And your flickr pictures. Love your dolls, is the pattern your own?
The pink hair is very nice, I might try it myself:)