Monday, 22 September 2008

The Weekend

Hmm... washing and ironing or blogging?...

...washing and ironing?...


Nope! There's no contest, is there?.

So what did I get up to this weekend? Well my 'ickle sis and her boys came up to visit. She hadn't met her new nephew yet so she was itching for a 'munch'. And also, we hadn't seen each other since before my birthday. Which meant....



And what's more she did like we do for Christmas. We set a tariff of say £15 and have to buy as much as we can find for each other for that amount of money. BUT - chairty shops, pound shops and car boot sales are all fair game. We can make stuff as well. Anything that we think the other will like.

It's great. I know for myself that I put so much thought into it. I collect bits all through the year whenever I see them.

Anyhoo. This is what I got.

Yes. Poking out of the top you can just see my bag of Maoam Stripes. I love these chewy sweets, although not good for the waistline..

Proportionally the hips and boobs on this little fairy are about right, just wish my legs were that skinny!
Think I've said before that I love Charlie and Lola. So this is a pair of Jibbitz (charms) for my Crocs.

And this is my beaufitul necklace.
My sis wanted to keep it for herself as it was the last one in the shop but she wrapped it up quickly and selflessly gave it to me instead. What a love!

She also gave me this -

my own beach, so that when I'm pining for the coast but can't get down there, I can feel the sand between my toes in the comfort of my workroom. :o)

Thanks so much Nack xxx Just got to start collecting again for Christmas now ;o)


On Saturday night I had another belated birthday treat. Here's a clue -

Can't get it?...

OK. Here it is a bit bigger:

These two people were very much involved:
Yay!! 'ethel and edna' went to see Mary Poppins. It was FANTASTIC!! I only wish I'd taken kiddie to see it 'cause she'd have loved it. The umbrella was a guilt prezzie for her instead. If the show is coming to your part of the world do go and see it.

And finally, I finished this just before the weekend but thought you'd like to see the finished woman! I've taken a stack of photos of her and popped them over on Flickr. Click on the button in the sidebar if you want a lookie.

My problem now is where to sell her? I had thought about etsy as they go for Halloween in America in such a big way, but I don't know what to charge for her. So then I thought eBay with a lowish starting price to see what she reaches.

What does anybody else out there think? Your advice would be most appreciated (or an offer if you want her :o) hee hee)

Hmm... washing and ironing...? Tsk! Suppose I'd better get back to it.




jennyflower said...

You lucky girl! That neclace is gorgeous. I'm liking your witchy, I'd go Etsy, trust your first instincts. Why not see if you can see other dolls on there? I'm just looking at your fairy name in your side-bar, any plans to make Bamble Icewand?

JuliaB said...

Hello .. well i guess the best thing for Ms Witchypoos would be to add up the cost of the ingredients, add in the cost of your time and list her on both etsy and ebay ... etsy stuff doesn't seem to be moving at all, and I think ebay has a much wider audience .... infact, if I had to choose, I might go for ebay ... She is very beautiful. What is her name?? xx

Daisie said...

NO NO NO, NOT ebay!!! You mad woman!!!! Try etsy and if she doesn't sell what have you lost; 20p!!! I love her and I would market her for at least £25. And that's what the person who bought her on ebay for 99p would do too! Tsk, tsk!!

Rant over, love the brollie!!


Kitty said...

That witch is fab. I hope someone gives you oodles of money for it. I'd offer it houseroom myself, but having just moved, and still not got through all the boxes, there is just nowhere for her to go :-(

I love the idea you and your sister have for pressies - you can't beat a bit of bargain-buying, especially when it's yummy stuff like you got there.

Oh and Maoam Stripes ... No.1 is addicted! x

Tip Top said...

How fantastic - all of it!!!

The which witch is brill!!!

clairep said...

MAry Poppins is brilliant! I went in July for my mums birthday and she loved it. I had to make do with a mary poppins mug as i didn't take much money into brum :(

oh no! not ebay! noooooo! i agree with daisie - try etsy first.

incywincy said...

Oh I so want to go see Mary Poppins!! You lucky thing ;)

Witch is gorgeous (in a witchy kinda way!)& she needs to go on etsy ... I would say £30 +


summerfete said...

Couldnt agree more about blogging versus housework. My house has def become very cluttered since I started blogging!
What's ironing?

Clare x