Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Sorry but I ran out of time yesterday so couldn't post about all my fabbie presents. OH got home from work and announced we were going out for a meal. Yay!! He has never been to 'Ego' so guess where we went... Must admit that it wasn't as good at night as the two lunchtimes I've visited. It was very busy and, maybe as a result of that, they took ages bringing our bottle of vino (priorities guys!) and they forgot my order of fries (you can't have steak without chips!!). My steak was a bit disappointing as the char bit of the char-grilledness was just a bit to char-y. Ah well. Nice starter and pud :o).

So... presents. First of all here's the one that I gave to someone else, or at least the evidence of it. This is my plaster covering my blood-donation puncture wound. Unfortunately my veins are really deep and they always have to get one particular nurse to gouge one out. Ouch!!

And this is what I got. Can you see that lovely big white box? The one that says 'system 3' on it? How exciting is that? I can't wait to get going with it. I've wanted one for sooooo long.
This little pile was from my lovely friends Ann (ethel and edna). How cool is this? Co-ordinating sketchpad, note block and necklace. She has also paid for tickets to go and see Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome on the 20th. Can't wait..
And this is from BDB. She knows me so well. Pink wine (which is still lurking in the fridge) and camper van stuff. How jealous are all you swapees?? heehee
This is from my mummy. She pays the subscription for one (or is it both) of my magazines for birthdays and Christmas, so she bought me a load of car boot goodies to unwrap. Oh and not forgetting some pennies to spend tomorrow.
This is the card from my sis and her family. :o) Moomins!!! Yay!!! They (sis & co not the Moomins) are coming up to visit the week after next so she's bringing prezzie then, unless I see something I want tomorrow, and then she'll pay for that.

"Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?" I hear you ask. Tomorrow is Day 1 of The Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC. Is anyone going? I am and I can't wait. I am being very organised this year. I've got a shopping list that I've been working on, so I won't go round buying random things willy-nilly. I'll get stuff I really need. I also want to do a workshop IF there is space. Big IF.

Another if, if I can't get it finished I'm going to take my speedy wheel trolly to save my poor back. I can load it up with a picnic to save spending 'goodies money' on food and drink. And it holds soooo much stuff. Will I fill it?... Watch this space.

Just have to mention...

...this totally hilarious video on JB*JB's blog. It made me and OH laugh so hard. I keep going back and playing it again and again. The woman on it is 'for real'. Scary!

...ditching Feedburner was the best thing I've done in ages. So many lovely people are able to receive their 'ethel and edna' updates on a regular basis rather than having to come looking for me. My ratings are rocketing :o))). Thank you.

...I've been rocking the boat on Daisie's blog. Oops! I did not intend to offend anyone - I just joined Daisy in her 'Big Rant'.

Right. Of to Slimming World now to see what damage 2 visits to 'Ego' has done.




Pearlyqueen said...

Hi Lindsey

What a surprise - I know Lichfield (used to live in Kenilworth) and have a friend (Julia) who has a wool shop at Curborough Farm Craft Park there.

You'll have to excuse me with this swap thing - I've never taken part in one before, and don't know the ropes. Can you enlighten me?

BTW my email is:

Daisie said...

Oooh, another blood donor, don't know too many of them! Maybe can feel another rant coming ......
You so know that even with a shopping list you will still be buying things 'willy-nilly' as you put it. And your wheelie thing will be filled many times over and you'll have to eat your picnic for breakfast to make room for all that stuff!
Am jelous as hell, have great fun and don't leave anything out when you tell us about it!!

Daisie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I got the word verification thingie wrong five times then!
Perhaps word verification should go the same way as the feedburner doo-dah?!

Swirlyarts said...

Ooh - they look like great pressies. Have fun at the show :)

JuliaB said...

Poor old Daisy .. I tried to stick up to her, but the anonymous's wern't listening .. xx

maria said...

Love the pressies.
Have a great time at the Knitting and stitching show.
I'm going to Alexandra Palace, London in October - excited already.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Oooh - I want that camper-van mug!
Where was it from do you know?
(PS - Hope you didn't think I was responding to your comment on Daisie's blog - not heard from you since?!)
(PPS - JuliaB - one of the anonymous's was listening ... but they were also putting their view across too)