Saturday, 27 September 2008

Look what's flown in...

This little brown parcel was delivered on Friday by my friendly-neighbourhood postie.

Inside the brown paper wrapping was a white cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box was lots of lovely scrunchy lilac tissue paper.
Pull back a corner of the tissue and a peep of a black beady eye can be seen.
Pull back a bit more and - ta dah!!!!
Please meet Mr Ponsonby Sprocket - Mr P number 040 from the lovely Charlie at The Piegon Loft. Yay! I finally managed to get my 'click' in before everyone else and buy one of these fabulous crocheted chaps. Here he is with his very own passport (mini ID photo soon to be added). Those eyes are just amazing - so Feathers McGraw.

The other inhabitants of the workroom were eagerly awaiting his arrival and threw a little shindig in honour. Here they all are doing the 'Y.M.C.A.'
And here is Mr P all excited at his cake complete with candle. Look at those little wings flapping. I know that the original Mr P is partial to a bit of cake every now and then, well in the diet-ridden household the cake is calorie-free, indeed textiles-based. It lasts an awful lot longer though!!

He seems to be settling in very well. He has a lofty position on the shelf above my work table, where he sits and surveys his surroundings with his new little mate Felty Duck. I'll keep you up to date with his progress.

Other flying things...

The weather has been so 'fablious' today and our garden has been all a-flutter. The trees that run along the back fench are smothered in ivy which is in flower, and it seems that several species of flutter-bye are very partial to ivy nectar.

The one above is a Red Admiral. There were three or four of them around all afternoon making the most of the sunshine.

This little orangey coloured beauty is apparently a comma. This species is gradually moving further north as the temperature rises. There were three of these all having a bit of a feast. We usually have a lot of a very pretty little butterfly - the holly blue - flying around but I presume it is getting too late in the season for them to be around. Our garden is nothing much to look at. Nothing pretty really flourishes in our rubbishy soil but even we have managed to attract a bit of wildlife.

Will post some craftiness soon. Haven't been very productive during the last couple of days as I've been struggling with doll boobies!!




Sal said...

I wouldn't let Mr Ponsomby Sprocket get close to Mistress Lowerne Penvrane,if I were you..she might eat him or turn him into something nasty!
Fab posts (as usual)! ;-)

monkee maker said...

Hurrah! It's great to see another Mr P in blogland! That Charlie is a crocheting genius - I can't believe she's up to No.40 (and probably past that) already!

Good luck with the sale of Mistress Penvrane - she's fabulous ... I love her laddered tights!


Daisie said...

The start of your post made me think of Funny Bones, in the dark, dark house etc....
Seems to be a day for feathered friedns, have you sen this; I think they're fablious (as you say, we do too).

Tip Top said...

Doll boobies hehehehehe!! Can't wait to see that post!

The weather up North has also been beautiful but it probably will go back to wet n windy from tomorrow...

Kitty said...

"He has a lofty position on the shelf above my work table"

A word to the wise from someone's who has parked their car under where pigeons live. Just keep the wipes to hand, ok?