Thursday, 4 September 2008


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I know! I know! It's been ages again. Sorry.

Thanks to those of you who have been concerned as to my whereabouts. I've just been drowning in swaps. (I must learn to say NO') Now kidlet is back at school I'm frantically trying to get on top of things.

I spent all of yesterday stitching to finish one swap. Once the whole shebang is in the post I'll show you photos. Until then you'll have to wait I'm afraid. I have been very excited about what I've been doing. I'll elaborate when I have a bit more time.

Today it's 5p Insertion Fee on eBay so I've spent all day listing stuff on there. Still loads more to do so I'd better crack on.

Maria (belly dancing teacher) has just posted a load of pics on Facebook. I've decided to plaster this one everywhere as I actually don't have three chins and my bulgy bits are hidden behind my certificate and my layers of clothes, belts, etc.

I really, really will be back very, very soon. Promise...



Tip Top said...

Welcome back!! Fab pic of you too!!!!

Swirlyarts said...

Hope you get all your stitching done :)