Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Older but wiser?

So what do you reckon this is?...

Has she been getting a bit creative?

Is it Tyvek?

Or Xpandaprint?

err..... Nope!

This is what happens when you leave a tortilla wrap in the microwave for a little longer than 10 secs...

More like 5 minutes!

I may be a year older but suddenly all of my brain cells have leaked out of my ears. I can't remember what I got distracted by - could've been my dinner (lamb chops under the grill), could've been kiddie's bath (filling rapidly upstairs), could've just been excitement (I've lost 3 1/2lbs at SW! Yay!!!). Who knows? What I do know is...


Any suggestions of how to get rid of The Pong from Hell please, please, pleeeeeeease let me know.

ttfn xx


brixhambird said...

stuie knew where your perineum was....phew he DOES listen to me then!!!

Pearlyqueen said...

A potato cut in half works in the fridge, so you could try it in the microwave... but don't switch on :-)

Daisie said...

That's brilliant! I nearly choked on my toast!!! Is this how you lose weight, make everything inedible!?
Try a bowl of water with a lemon slice in it in the micro for a while, that might help.

Katy said...

move house.

summerfete said...

Oh Daisie beat me to it with the lemon thingy, though dont over heat it! hehe!

I forgot to press defrost once and ended up with a rock of a bagel!!

Clare xx

Kitty said...

I thought it was a bit of going-off ginger root. I had some in the cupboard once. Not nice. x