Friday, 19 September 2008


The voting lines are now open for The Pride of Britain Awards.

To register your vote for the Emergency Services Heroes click on this link and then on the bright pink box. VOTE LIFEBOAT LIFESAVERS.

If, like Monkee Maker, you missed the guys on the telly yesterday this is a link to the GMTV website where you can watch their bit of the programme again.

Please, please PLEEEEEEEASE vote for them. You have from now until midday on Monday so not long.

Thanks so much.



Katy said...

ok, I did it.

Jackie said...

I did too..and I do entirely agree about the Lifeboat men.

jennyflower said...

'tis done!

Swirlyarts said...

I voted too :)

maria said...

My cousin is a Lifeboat man in Norfolk so I've voted.
Maria x

pebbledash said...

Done! No TV here, so wouldn't have known about it otherwise! Thanks!

Tip Top said...

Voted!!! I'll do it from work too on Monday!