Friday, 16 January 2009

The Reveal - What I've Been Doing Since Christmas

Well as reported earlier this week I have finally finished the commission I have been working since before Christmas really but in earnest since kiddie went back to school.

May I introduce Critters. These three designs - 'kitti kat', 'funni bunni' and 'chunki munki' were designed to appear on a range of stationery products by the company elconu.

My brief was to create a set of ten stuffed toys in a range of sizes as promotional/display items for a trade exhibition stand at Frankfurt Paperworld 2009.

First we have 'kitti kat'.

I decded to make them in 7", 14" and 20" sizes.

Look at that little face. How sweet is he?

'Funni bunni' is next up. Again made in the same three sizes excluding ears!

This is a close-up of the 7" little bunni.
And here's a full length shot of him.

Finally we have 'chunki munki'. I made an extra mini munki to make up the required ten.

This is a close-up of the teeny one's face. Aaaahh...

And here are the two littlies monkeying around!

I have loved design and making these babies. It's been a great experience and the response from the company has been brilliant. The office staff have been fighting over them!!

Feedback from Facebook has also been very positive since I posted a few photos on there.
What next? Who knows? I can't wait to see how everything goes at the show. Of course, the main point of that is to promote elconu's stationery ranges. The toys are just window-dressing, but if they generate a lot of interest they could go into production... (Needless to say I wouldn't be making those. lol)
Exciting stuff!
Other stuff? err... Well since I finished them I've been a bit disorganised. Suddenly the structure my days had has gone.
I did spend a whole morning sorting out my car insurance renewal. A lot of time yes, but I did save myself £170!!! Have you all heard of Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert)? You must have. Well anyway I went to his website and followed his steps for tracking down the best price. And it worked!!
I signed up for his weekly email a while ago and, particularly now that The Crunch is really taking hold, it is worth signig up for. He has all kinds of money saving advice from when is the best time to change gas/electric suppliers to vouchers off meals and air tickets. Have a little lookie and see if there's anything that appeals.
I've now signed up for two swaps (see the pretty buttons in the right hand column). Meridian's Owl Swap has now been sorted - partners matched up and notified. I am swapping with a lady in New Zealand where it's hot and sunny at the moment. Lucky Janine!! Jennyflower's sign up deadline was tonight so I'm waiting to hear who I'm playing with for that one.
The third swap I wanted to take part in had such an overwhelming response that Katy had to close the sign-up list before the deadline. It's taken her days to pair everybody up. To help her clear out some of her own stash she offered to do a swap with me. Which I have done - packed up and posted off already. Scarily organised for me. Hope sh'es happy with what I've sent her. :o)
Right I'm off to bed now. No lie-in tomorrow. I've got to perfect a pristine bun hair-do by 10.30. Kiddie is appearing in a dance show at the Garrick Theatre this weekend. Two performances on Saturday and one on Sunday. Surely so much dancing and adrenaline have got to make her sleep better, haven't they?... Here's hoping.


Jackie said...

Wow. You are in the big time!
These are really the business..very professional and cute as well.

Sal said...

I love those've done a really good job!

Yes, I was aware about the mention in Sew Hip!!

But thank you for reminding me ;-)

Apryl said...


the critters look great! very cute .. the cat is my favourite though... but I must admit when I read the name I kept thinking about the cheese horror/sci fi film series by the same name. I'll be quiet now

Buffy said...

Oh my, how cute are your critters! they are something special you must be chuffed to bits with them.

I do receive martin lewis' emails too, the guy is a god send! he sometimes goes on radio 1 too I tune in eagerly lol

Have a good week end,
~Buffy x x

Kitty said...

Awwww - how cute are those. If you ever offer patterns for sale, I WANT SOME. Please? Pretty please?

I too follow Martin's Money Pages - and have even got my mum onto it. She proudly told me she's signed up for the newsletters - this is HUGE for my technophobe oldie.

Hope all goes well with this weekends shows, and buns.


Hens Teeth said...

Congratulations....they are just wonderful and I do hope this leads to more commissions for you.

Swirlyarts said...

Oh these are fabulous! I love the little monkeys :)

Miss Frugality said...

These little creatures are so great!
Well done on your money saving and thanks for the tip...Think I'll sign up to that email :-)

Katy said...

blimey Nora - those are fab. So this was the secret thingy you were talking about in Starbucks. Ahhhh, I see now. Fab fab fab.

Mr Postman brought me a most EXCELLENT parcel today, thank you!!!! (since when have you been so damn organised though?)

JuliaB said...

I love those monkeees!! have you named them after the band? Did they miss The Last Train to Clarkseville?? Best put them on the last train to my house then!! xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are fabulous! I bet someone will want you to make lots of them soon!

Primrose Corner said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, I especially like the monkee and the bunni. I suspect you'll get loads of requests for more....

PennyDog said...

They are so awesome, I can't believe I've only just come across them now!