Sunday, 11 January 2009

Countdown to the Big 4 0 starts with a crack and a thwack!!

Today was a totally fab day when I finally realised an ambition. A New Year's Resolution already ticked off the list.

I am a bit of a patriotic and sentimental old thing at heart. I love British eccentricity and all those things that make is soooo different from any other country. When I heard that one of those things may be under threat - however minor - I felt Ihad to take action. And BOY was there action!!!

In the New Year many people decide to get fit after the festive excesses. They pay a small fortune to join a gym which they will visit for a couple of months. They buy a bike then leave it in the shed til the better weather comes, by which time it's rusty. I am the same as all of these people but not for me Fitness First nor Raleigh. No - I chose The Rabble!!

I love dancing, especially my belly dancing, but that doesn't exactly cause you to break out into a sweat. It firms things up nicely but there is no raise in the heart rate. You don't get out of puff after even the most vigorous of shimmying. So where else can you dress up in loud and lairy clothing, make a noise and shake your booty?? Morris dancing of course.

I have always loved it. The yearly Lichfield Bower procession is always lead by Lichfield Morris Men twirling their branches. The atmosphere of folk festivals when we take kiddie is brillant but being a spectator is not enough for me. So this year life will not begin at 40 but, by the time the big 4-0 arrives life will be well and truly off the blocks. If I survive...

It was the most fantastic fun I've had in ages, but also the hardest physical work I've done in years. I went accompanied by the lovely Maria - my belly dancing teacher and we had a whale of a time. We danced with big birch sticks, crasjhing them togther as part of most dances. Maria certainly made her mark by breaking her stick, no mean feat when you think they were a good 3" in diameter!!! The Rabble were all so friendly and made us feel really welcome, which is defintely an added bonus. And afterwards, in a very civilised fashion, we retired to the pub for refreshments :o).

I can't wait for next week. I'm just dreading tomorrow morning. How stiff am I going to be??

Having shown you a few of the kiddie's prezzies I realised that I have not dazzled you with any of mine.

My lovely sis produced a fabulous bag of goodies - sales, charity shops, car boot sales - as much as you can get for £15. This little cutie is now firmly attached to my keys. She had a whole piece written about her and she symbolises colour and creativity (or something similar). Very apt for me anyhoo...
And sis went back to Totnes and bought this baby to add to my mini Moomin collection.

Now I can have pop with my own special curly straw. :o) Thank you little sis xxxx

This next little beaut was from the highly talented and very lovely Sam (incywincy). I wore it all day on Christmas Day. She also enclosed a little bag of buttons she had covered plus some blanks so I can have a go myself. Thanks again hun xx

I took part in my first online Secret Santa this, sorry last year via Crafter...oo. We had to write a personal profile about likes and dislikes, fave colours, etc that could be forwarded to our swap partner to give them help and inspiration. My partner Debs, gave me loads of info which really helped me to make this for her. I think she liked it. :o)

In return I received an amazing parcel of handmade glass goodies. She is soooooo talented. There were not 1 but 2 gift boxes. First up was this fab snowman necklace (which I aslo wore of the 25th) and the polka dots earrings (they completed the Xmas Day ensemble). Aren't they gorgeous?? (OK you can only see one earring in this photo but they were a matching pair - sack the photographer)

In the second box Debs had made this gorgeous phone charm and you can just see the corner of the gorgeous keyring, in my favourite shades of blues and turquoises. How lucky am I? They are fantastic. Thanks so much xx.
The last present in my Gift Gallery is from my BDB, Julia. She doesn't blog (although she should) but she does make amazing beaded jewellery (which she should sell) and she loves to stitch. This was one of the prezzies she gave me.

'Tis me in my red belly dancing stuff with my pre-pink hair. Isn't it ace?! Just the place to stash my other precious little goodies. Cheers mate xx.

In fact, thank you everyone who sent me cards, prezzies, who has been a swap partner in 2008 or whose giveaway I may have won. It was a fab crafting year. Let's hope 2009 is just as good.

Sadly it's not off to a great start in other respects. Today we lost another member of our close family to "the big C". Yet another husband and dad taken before his time, leaving a wife and 2 daughters. Thinking of you J, E and A. All love xxxx


incywincy said...

Glad you liked your pressies :)

And sorry to hear your sad news (hugs)
Sam. xxx

Sal said...

I love all of your little gifts..
Do you know where (as in which shop in Totnes) your sis got the mini Moomin? ;-)

Kitty said...

I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. So sad :-(

I'm a big fan of Morris Dancing - we have a very active group round my parts (!) The kids and I watch them fairly often (just spectating, not taking part) - they always look like they're having such a good time. Good for you for having a go.

What lovely 'stuff' you received - aren't people just so 'nice'? Most of them, anyway.


summerfete said...

Wow you have lots going on!

Sorry about your loss. I hope 2009 will start to get brighter for you!

Clare x

funkymonkey said...

I love to watch Morris Dancing and love the sound of the bells and colours of the outfits. Sounds like great fun.

jennyflower said...

What a rollercoaster! Your new hobby sounds ace- Dad did Morris dncing at school-(could only have been Dorset in the early 60's!)and we've teased him about it forever! Your gifts look perfect. I'm sorry about your sad news though, not fair. xx