Monday, 5 January 2009

Fluffy Stuff and Seventh Heaven

So, as I Tweeted, today I went to Brum, (sorry Birmingham).

And this is the latest addition to my workroom menagerie. Meet Wedgehead. He is an Uglydoll. Apparently they were 'all the rage' last summer and highly collectible. Completely passed me by I must admit but they are quite cute.

Anyhoo, I am currently working on my first profeshniull commission and these 'dolls' were kind of what the company I'm working for had in mind. Can't tell you any more than that as I don't know if I'm sworn to secrecy.

My trip wasn't just to buy Wedgie but also to visit this textile Mecca.

OH!! MY!! GOODNESS!!! It's sooooooo long since I've visited this shop as I tend to use recycled fabrics where I can, but I was like a kid in a sweet shop. There are three (or is it four?) floors of fabric. The bolts are stacked from floor to ceiling on all four walls of each room. Against each huge cutting table on each floor are stacked yet more bolts and rolls of fabric. Everywhere you turn there is fabric. Truly it is an Aladdin's Cave. It's just a good thing that my time was limited and I had to get back to do the school run.
I came away with the hugest bagful of material which I am now going to sit and stroke, before chopping it all up tomorrow.
If you are ever in Birmingham with a few hours to spare, head for Selfridges but then nip out of the Bull Ring towards the markets, turn left at St Martins church and cross over. There it is!!! Simple.
Right. I'm going to wrestle my child and husband from the arms of a big-busted, raven-haired, gun-toting lovely who has dragged them into her underground lair. Lara has taken over our Wii and their lives, and she only arrived today!! Aaaaaarrrgh!


Tip Top said...

Bloody Lara eh?! Fabby fabric store tho - I can get emotional about fabric even though I faff with bits of paper usually! I do like texture and tactile things!!

Jackie said...

If I'd known you were going I'd have given you a list.
wedge..wood have gone bust today..ironic while wedge is on the up and up.
Did you tell us your little girl was getting a dinosuar for christmas? Did she like it?

summerfete said...

I have two vinyl uglydolls which are really hard to find to buy now!

Suzie Sews said...

oh fabric to make the heart flutter... happy new year

Kitty said...

Oh my - that shop would make me dribble. A lot. Can't wait to see what you do with your haul. x

ClaireP said...

I've managed to resist that shop for 2 1/2 years.....may have to give in soon. Our bus stops right outside it! :)

fairychildheirlooms said...

Mmmm, fabric! congratulations on your 'profeshniull commission' !

StripyPixieSocks said...

There's a fabric store in Lewisham in London which is like that... OMG so much fabric and buttons and zips and and and... *takes deep breath* I need a lottery win and I'd clear the place out and I'd never want for fabric or ribbon or buttons or zips or or or....... *pants* :D

Felt~at~home said...

absolutely love that shop!!! It really is an aladin's cave isn't it? I always need to re-mortgage the house when I've been in !!