Friday, 23 January 2009


No we're not talking Billy Connolly here!

I have found The Perfect Job in the Local Paper (for Local People). Not telling what it is because I don't want any more competition tee hee, but as a consequence I am ploughing through that most tedious of exercises - filling in a job application form. *yawn*

I've spent one day finidng all the necessary bits of info about past jobs, qualifications, education, etc. Now I'm on to the bit where you have to write some additional information in support of your application. You know the kind of thing - relevant experiences, skills, etc - the bit where you have to sell yourself to them whilst ticking all the boxes on their list of requirements.

If it was just ticking a list it would be fine, but going through and matching up your most relevant experience to one area that they are asking for is a nightmare.

My brain is soup! (Hence this waffly, quickie post.)

Thanks for all the fabbo comments both on the Critters and the quilt yesterday. I had been thinking about sashing the quilt but in pink or green. Hadn't considered black. Or any other colour. But maybe, just maybe it would work. I'll have to have a play when I get back.

Oh well... break over. Better get back to it. Thanks for listening :o)


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Leah said...

I used to work in HR so in my time have ploughed through thousands of application forms. Matching what you've done to the job spec is the best way to be shortlisted. Also list achievements not just that you made the coffee!!

Good luck xx