Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hints and Quilts

God I can never think of funny titles for my blog posts these days. But here comes another one, post that is.

Not content with my speedy turnaround of Katy's FQ swap, I have cracked on with Meridian Ariel's Owl jobbie. I shan't post a full picture of what I've made. That would spoil it for whoever is on the receiving end. That 'whoever' is Janine (aka AngelGurl) in New Zealand. I've made not one but two things for her. Just a few extra little goodies have to go in the parcel then I can get it posted off to her... ...before my hols if I can manage it. :o)

How did I leave you last time... Aaah the prospect of the Musical Extravaganza loomed large. Kiddie performed brilliantly. She did two shows of Saturday then went swimming on Saturda night and was wrecked! We went and watched the show on Sunday and she was a bit upset when she came out because they'd made on wee mistake. It wasn't hugely noticeable and they are all kids so you can't expect perfection, but she was mortified. Until nanny gave her a present anyway :o). Mercenary? My daughter? Never!

I may have mentioned on Facebook this week that I have been played with an old (very old) quilting UFO. Well here it comes. I started this at a workshop at least oooh... 5 years ago. The piecing is abysmal as it was before I'd even heard of a 1/4" foot. It was a colour transformation workshop. We had to pick 8 shades of one colour (pink) and 6 shades of another (green). The make blocks in every permutation of these shades.
The clever part was then to piece them all together to get a sweeping blend of the two colours from light to dark.
HA!! My shade gradation weren't very smooth. A lot of my greens were the same tone just more yellowy or bluey. (Are you bored yet?)
So now I have pieced some of the blocks together to give me 6 strips. My problem is do I just mix them up randomly (as in the first photo),

or do I put them in a more orderd layout like picture 2? The pinks are lightest to darkest from left to right, and the greens are light to dark from bottom to top.

Or my third option is to just chop the whole lot up and forget it. lol You know when something is sitting in the cupboard lurking and laughing at you...?
'Look at all this fabric... If you give up you'll have wasted so much...'

I will NOT be beaten, even if I make cushions out of it. But some advice would be sooooo gratefully received.

I am rapidly approaching my 200th post so I feel a giveaway may be in order. Keep reading, watching, (whatever) once I get back from my hols.
Did I mention I'm going to Egypt? heehee "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!.."

Oh and I was feeling a wee bit bored the other day so I went and got my hair cut. Waddaya think? Twitterers/Facebook friends will already know this - when I picked kiddie up from school after getting it done she told me I looked like a pop star. "I know mummy. Sarah!!! From Girls Aloud." How I love that kid o' mine. Must take her to the opticians when we get back...



Kitty said...

LOVE the 'do' - suits you. I have hair that wouldn't do that in a month of Sundays :-(

The piecing is wonderful - I think I like the second arrangement better, but I don't know why. Don't waste it!


JuicyFig said...


Love the hair! and I love the second quilt layout - the gradated one, I think the greens look fantastic!

Well done on the insurance - I love martin's money tips, though some do seam like a full time occupation!

Have fun in t'egypt!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i like the new hair style - pretty colour too.

jennyflower said...

Your hair is Fabulous, love it, I am currently modelling a head of split ends! I like the second quilt layout bestest. Would sashing it with black or apliqueing a black silhouette kill it?

JuliaB said...

Hair is very celebrety'esque indeed! And I think option 2 for the quilt. x

Tip Top said...

Fab hair & lovely colour too!