Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Shock!!! Horror!!!!!


So this morning I had a shower and washed my hair.

Big deal!!

My fringe has been getting a bit long and scruffy but I can't afford a trip to the hairdressers at the moment so I grabbed my scissors, approached the bathroom mirror and began to snip.

THAT is not the problem.

While I was merrily trimming away I spotted a particularly bright highlight.

Not a problem in itself...

...'til you realise that I have about 2" of darker root regrowth, yet this 'highlight' went right down to the root.

Then I spotted more. All interspersed through my other hair.




I've officially got grey hair!!!

Maybe it's turned grey after the events of the past couple of days???

Such a shame he's gone... but he'll be back.



Jackie said...

Its gets to us all in the end.
Just dye it..I do.
Now Russell..he's been a bit daft really...but I did think of you when I heard the news.

liz said...

Don't much care for either of the boys in question myself, but think the whole thing has been massively blown up out of all proportion. You have to wonder how many of the complaints came about because of the actual broadcast and how many have been generated by the media attention since. I suspect a ruse by the government to slip some financial shennanigans past us while we're all talking about something other than the economy for once.

Katy said...

One day Russell will phone my Granddad and tell him he's had me.
Ok...unlikely, both Granddads are no longer with us, and I doubt husband would be overly impressed if I told him I was off for the night shagging another man.

As for the've lasted this long without one? About bloody time, I say. I started going grey at University. I think it's the huge brain power I have, it's killing off the pigmentation in my hair. (did you just snort tea out your nose then? Damn you woman...)

fairychildheirlooms said...

B00.... you have just been B00-ed come on by my place and pick up your sticker... and join in on the fun. :)

JuliaB said...

sorry about your grey hair!.. not quite as annoying as Russel Brand though... x

Kitty said...

I've been growing Ash Blonde Hairs for some years now. Being a redheady brunette, this is horribly noticeable. So I've introduced my hair to the world of semi-permanent colour. It's wonderful.


hens teeth said...

Let me tell you's worse when the eyebrows start to go grey, they not only lose colour, they grow a yard long too!
And as for the two soft lads on Radio 2, I've really quite enjoyed all the hulaballo ... makes a change from the other depressing crap we have to listen to day in day out!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Well, I pulled something out of my head the other day that wasn't grey - it was black, very black, and very wiry, very thick and very long. Now I know I sometimes talk out of my a*se, but I see no reason why I should start growing pubic hairs on my head! I'm hoping it's a major one-off!

Plus, I have grey eyelashes :o(

I'm told we have the growing out of our chin to look forward to - joy!

artisbliss said...

Ah, well, it had to happen sooner or later. You must learn to embrace your inner little old lady!