Saturday, 11 October 2008

I love the Postman (well actually it was a lady today)

Not 1.

Not 2.

3 yes 3, three, THREE parcels were delivered to The Spare Room this morning.


The first one was from Amazon. Lookie, lookie, lookie - I now have the full set of Patti Medaris Culea doll making books (well until her new one comes out in the next few weeks - nudge, nudge Santa). And how timely is this one, as I'm struggling to dress my Airy Fairies?... I sat and looked through it while waiting for my photos to upload and there is a whole chapter on fairies! I will finish writing this before I disappear to have a play.

The second book in the parcel was one of those false economy 'order-it-to-make-the-total-value-up-to-£15-so-I-get-free-postage' books, although it was on my Wish List so it'd not like I didn't want it. It's not a very thick book - at 32 pages it's more like a pamphlet - but it has some really good ideas for decorating and embellishing fabrics. Sometimes a skinny book is better for getting inspiration as a quick flick through a larger book can end up with you being distracted, and an hour later you've still not created anything cuz you've been too busy reading.

The next wee parcel was another one to renew my lost faith in eBay. I ordered these two days ago and -


- here they are. What are they? Two pairs of artery forceps - one straight and one curved. Still no wiser? They are fantastic for turning dolls once you've stitched them. Think of those long skinny legs... You've stitched all around the seam but how do you get your hand inside to turn it through? Forceps (or haemostats as they call them in America) are the answer. What makes them so great is that they lock shut so, once they have gripped the bit of fabric, you can yank as hard as you like, they won't 'let go' (your stitches may give way or your fabric may tear, but the forceps will still be holding on). You can also use them for stuffing said doll's legs, arms or any other skinny, fiddly thing you need to fill with stuffing. These ones were just a measley £2.50 for the two pairs (plus a bit of P&P) but they are worth their weight in gold. If you have trouble finding them, they are also sold to fishermen to remove hooks from mouths (disgorging I believe is the term), so if you have a fishing tackle shop round the corner Bob's your uncle.

And last but definitely not least - a box from France.

And in it is my Camper Van Goodness from the lovely Penny. This is her first swap and I just love what she has made. This cute bag has a really French country feel and with a scrummy blue camper on the front.

Just look at it!

A fabby, shabby camper in my favourite colour. I want it!

And it's lined in cornflower-patterned fabric.

I love cornflowers.

I love fabric.

I love my bag.

And there's more...

Penny has also knitted this little gem...

If you look carefully you can see the VW logo in the centre. How clever is she?!

It all came wrapped up in the prettiest flowery tissue paper, so even the packaging material was lovely.

Thanks so much Penny. It was great to be paired up with you.

Right. I'm off to make more coffee and to read my bookie-wooks.




SadieandLance said...

Oh lucky you, what a great post lady you have!!

incywincy said...

Great bag!! You lucky thing ;)

Katy said...

ooooh, postal goodness - how amazing!!! LOVE your new bag!

Pearlyqueen said...

So glad you liked it Lindsey!

Kitty said...

Wow - so much parcel-y goodness. I love that VW cloth - so clever. And can't wait to see the Beverley Sisters in the clothes you create. x

hens teeth said...

Good for you girly!

Jackie said...

I recommended sesga got some then I couldn't find where to get them(I got mine from someone at the guild) so I'd be pleased to find a supplier.
Lucky you with all those books and gifts and cornflowers!

JuliaB said...

Wow! you lucky lucky devil1!!!. That bag is FAB and I am more and more fascinated by those dolls!!

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh...I'd LOVE that bag!!! Fabuloso.
I can feel that dolls are creeping up on me...I'm finding that I'm tempted to have a little go at one. But it won't stop there, will it?!!

Sal said...

Well, I reckon that's enough goodies for you this year,young lady!! Seriously though..all fab!!