Friday, 10 October 2008

Camper Van Swap

Camper Van Swap
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hahaha Here we go again. It's ths 'bus syndrome' - nothing for ages then a load all one after the other.
Forgot that Penny has now received her swap stuff so I can show off my Camper Van Swap project.
I'm (not so) secretly chuffed with this. Not bad for a first attempt.
Penny (my swap partner) lives in rural France and has loads of photos of her gorgeous garden and the countryside near where she lives. I really wanted to incorporate these flower meadows with a red and white, like she and her husband used to own.
The camper is appliqued using bondaweb and free maching to make it look 'sketchy'. The backing fabric is an old linen dress of kiddie's which was already printed with the flowers, some of which are embroidered. The whole thing is stretched over a shop-bought canvas. There are more photos on Flickr is you want a closer look.
peep peep!


Katy said...

oooh, you're a clever sausage, aren't you?

Jackie said...

I saw this yesterday and was really impressed with it. Great work, especially the vw logo.