Tuesday, 4 November 2008

So I've got over the shock of the grey hair incident. Nice and Easy to the rescue!!!!

I've also survived half term. We didn't do an awful lot but we did go and see

How spooky for Halloween week though - we went into the cinema and it was fine. We came out and there was a good inch of snow on the ground and it was still falling!! I just wish it had stayed for a bit longer than a few hours. Normally it snows when the kids are in school so they don't have chance to play in it. What a perfect half term that would have been - a few days of snowmen and snowball fights with next door's kids. Cheap too!!! hee hee

We did make a fab and groovy Jack O'Lantern but OH wiped the photo from his camera by mistake and now Mr Pumpkin Head is a bit saggy and past his best. (Sorry I am talking about the sculpted vegetable there, not my OH!!!) We bumped into kiddie's godmother on Thursdasy, having not seen her for months (sorry about the grammar). She and my godson popped round on Friday and she ended up taking kiddie back to their house for the afternoon/evening. Kiddie went 'treacle trotting*' with her two kids and had a great time.

* treacle trotting - knocking on neighbours' doors and saying 'treacle trot' according to my MiL. When this concept first took hold in the UK she misheard what the children were saying. It made me laugh so much when OH told me that it has stuck.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. Have spent the past week and a half making her prezzie. Photos will follow but I forgot to take any before I wrapped it up. Doh!!! It's a mermaid doll. Mum saw the one I made for the Fairy Tale Swap and she really liked it, so I made her own for her.

On Sunday I was a domestic goddess and made not one but two birthday cakes!! Mum is a coeliac so I swiped a couple of cake mixes from her cupboard that she had never got round to making. One was a Victoria sponge with strawberry jam and fresh cream and the second was a chocolate extravaganza!! Choccie sponge, choccie butter cream, crumbled Flake, Aero Bubbles and Buttons on top. Sadly the Victoria sponge was a bit of a nightmare. I foolishly opened the ove door before it had finished cooking. It sank in the middle and went all gooey and weird! It tasted OK with loads of jam and cream though! Again I'm waiting for photos from mum's camera.

So did you see this on the news??

Remember my chum Ian?? I helped him hang his exhibition earlier this year?? Well this is his latest project. Things have progressed somewhat in the world of Ian Cook. (Remember the name). Reebok commissioned him to create this portrait of Lewis Hamilton to wish him luck in his final race of the season. The painting is created using toys cars - radio controlled cars, battery operated cars, tyres, etc - click on this link to watch a video of work in progress and to see Lewis Hamilton's reaction when he saw the 12 metre high painting unveiled on the banks of the River Thames.

Right. Must go and rescue my steak and potato pie (courtesy of Mr Ginster). I've managed to grill it rather than bake it for the first 10 minutes, so the lid is rather... err.. crunchy!!! So much for the domestic goddess attack.




Daisie said...

Oh Et, you name dropper!
We too went to see MSH3 but we didn't get any snow :-( big sulk coming on......
And I love crunchy pie, I did that once, shhhh don't tell anyone!

Kitty said...

My daughter's invitation to the party she attended said they would be going 'trickle treating' which sounds nearly as funny as your treacle trot.

What was HS3 like? Can I sit through it? I'm being nagged.

Congratulations to your friend Ian - and to Lewis Hamilton of course. The painting obviously brought him just the sort of final lap luck he needed!