Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I've been zapped by a couple of bloggy chums with this baby -

7 Random Facts About Me.

Please excuse the bunged up head which might make my answers a bit iffy but here we go...

1. I've had my 15 minutes of fame. In about 2004 our house was featured on House Invaders. Anna Ryder Richardson and the team came and revamped our kitchen, living room and bedroom. It was a real eye-opener to see behind the scenes of making this programme and all your suspicions are correct. The celeb presenter doesn't design anything!!! A chap came round a few weeks before to look at the paint, wood, fabric and stuff we had that they could use. He chatted about which rooms we wanted doing and came up with ideas and suggestions about what could be done. Before they arrived on filming day we had to clear most of the 'stuff' out of the rooms to be done. All my books, nick-nacks, kiddie's toys, etc were shoved in loads of plastic crates and dumped in kiddie's room, the dining room, anywhere the film crew weren't. At the end of the day we did The Reveal. It was genuinely a surprise as OH and I worked on a different room each and weren't allowed to peek at each other's handiwork until then. However, once we'd "ooohed" and "aahed" over the fab new clutter-free rooms and they'd finished filming, they wanted their crates back. Everything was basically tipped out of the crates all over the rest of the house and we spent the next 2 weeks finding new homes for it all.
We've moved house since then but we do have one momento left. The built kiddue a toybox out of - you guessed it - MDF and it's actually survived to this day. I've recovered the top as the zebra print they picked quickly got a bit tedious. It's now pink gingham and padded so kiddie can sit on it.

Crikey!! Is that only number 1?!

2. I am a bit of a hoarder. (Shut up mum and sis!!!) I love 'stuff'. When we moved to this house it was quite modern and minimalist. All cream and beige and tasteful. I'm gradually remedying the situation. It doesn't feel like home unless there is stuff on shelves and windowsills and in fact any flat surface. Dusting? What's that?

3. I had another brushette with fame last year. On a whim I rang the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2 and entered a quiz. It was a Bank Holiday so the show was actually hosted by Dara O'Briain. The quiz was about princes and was to win tickets to see Prince at the O2 Arena.

I WON!!!

OH and I had a fab trip down to London, a night in a hotel (which we paid for), and watched the purple dwarf from seats in a swanky celeb-style box at the O2 with a free bar and buffet.
A bit different to the last time we saw him. The whole gig was overshadowed by the fact that we hit a chunk of wood just after joining the M42 which ripped the fuel line out of OH's car. We then spent nearly 5 hours waiting for the AA to arrive!!!

4. (I know most of you know this by now but for those who don't) I do belly dancing. I love it. It's like being a little girl again and playing at dressing up. Sequins and glitter. Swishy skirts. Noisy jangly coin belts. Tinkly ankle bells. And it keeps you fit as well. We are performing in our first professional show on Saturday and I'm so excited. Just glad that my cold is going now. If you want to come it's at Tamworth Assembley Rooms. It will be a blast.

5. I am a true Brit. I love this country. I love the weather. Yes really. I love change of the seasons. OK when you get one grey day after another it does get you down a bit, but when you get a day like today... A crisp Autumn day. The sun is shining brightly but there's a little nip in the air. The nights draw in and you want to snuggle up with stodgy comfort food and warm drinks. Or when we do get snow that lovely muffling of sounds. And in Springtime when it just starts to get a little bit warm. I could never move to a hot country. Day after day after day of sunshine would drive me mad.

6. I am a terrible procrastinator. (I must remember to come back and create a link to an online dictionary. Later...)

7. I HATE the noise of eating. I can't stand it when there is no conversation at a dining table and all you can here is the noise of munching and chewing. Lips smacking... grrrrrr!!! It drives me mad!!!

OK. The deal is to tag 7 more people and to link back to the people who tagged me. Errr.. I can't remember who it was at the moment. Sorry. It's the bunged-up head that's doing it. I'll come back and edit this post when I find out (see point 6!!)



Daisie said...

Oh no, someone else got you too. You must have been writing this as I was writing mine and deciding who to tag. Should have done mine first though as that was only six facts and you could have cut out number one and saved much time and extended the life of your keyboard! But to be fair it was probably the best fact and I am sooo jealous!
Glad you are feeling well enough to sit before the 'pute!

JuliaB said...

ooh loved reading about your famous makeover. Anna RR was my favourite presenter .. i can't beleive they didn't really design!! what DID they do?? but a toy box made by Handy Andy? Oh don't tell me .. he didn't really make things either? I also agree with your True brit one - i don't think i could live anywhere else despite the rain and the cold .. there is nowhere quite like england on a warm sunny day. .. AND the tissues in the nose (next post) I do that TOOOO!!! xx

Kitty said...

Gosh, all that competition winning, radio and tv. Can I have your autograph? :-D

I love the changing weather here too - love it. I'd really hate it to be the same all the time. Would be as bored as a bored thing within a month.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

See. I knew all you readers of my blog had great taste and were totally on my wavelength. :o)

It wasn't Handy Andy but Phil and JJ (I think). I personally was hoping for Linda Barker but we didn't know until the day who would be coming. Anna was actually really, really nice. She mucked in and made cups of tea and stuff.

I've been searching frantically through YouTube for a teensy clipette of the show but no joy yet. It does get replayed on UK Style from time to time. We had a video of it somewhere but I don't know where that's gone, let alone how to transfer it to the blog.

Jackie said...

I am with you on the loving Britain thing. I love going away but I'm akways glad to be home. And I am your 'were we seperated at birth' twin on the eating noises.. My poor husband leaves the room when he eats an apple becasue he knows he'll be for it if I have to listen. I'm sure I make as much noise as anyone...but then I don't have to listen do I?