Thursday, 9 October 2008

How I Wish You Were Here...

Today I make no apologies for the fact that my post is going to be self-indulgent and not very cheerful. (I just apologise to mum, my brother and sister if they read it and it upsets them xxx).

Two years ago today my dad lost his battle with lung cancer and I miss him more now than ever.
Whilst I don't want to 'celebrate' this date in anyway, I did want to remember him and show everyone else a small glimpse of who he was.

First and foremost a snappy dresser, he always said that he set trends he didn't follow them. This is something that most people who have seen my wardrobe would agree is something that I've inherited. Fashion sense?? Huh?

This is one of my first Christmases (early 70s). I look about 3 or 4. Smashing roll neck jumper!

This is a much more recent photo, as you can see from the date stamp. His hair is a bit fuzzy as it grew back after chemo looking like the fluff on a baby bird's head. (He's playing with his new digi camera - hence the bizarre expression).

This was one of his favourite places and luckily we managed to get him here for one final holiday. Holywell Bay. I took this driving down the hill into the village and didn't notice the little wisp of cloud until we got home and put the picture on the computer. Do you think it looks like a face in profile?

His other major passion was music and this is definitely something that has passed on to me (and my brother and sister). At home there always used to be music playing - be it radio or an LP from his massive vinyl collection. The playlist that's running at the moment is some classic "Geoffie-Music", as my friend Alyson used to describe it. Unfortunately there were some tracks I couldn't find - 'Embrace Me You Child' by Carly Simon (better NOT play that one today) and 'Sweet Painted Lady' by Elton John are just a couple and 'Ventura Highway' by America. See if you can track them down as they are worth a listen. His tastes were very eclectic. Some are going to make people jump, wince, laugh, cry but still no apologies.

I miss you and pray you are now where you believed you'd be.



Kitty said...

I can relate to this post so well. October is the anniversary month of losing my dad too - and after 8 years (it was 2000) I'm not sure it's any better. Anniversaries of loss tend to focus the mind, even when we try desperately not to let them.

Your dad sounds fab - I'm sure he is where he believed he'd be. And it'll be somewhere where he can keep an eye on you, your mum and your brother and sister too.

I'll be thinking of you today - take care.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos & lovely memories too. It's my Grandfather's birthday today too - he died of cancer in 1986 & I miss him dreadfully, even now. I inherited my 'arty' stuff from him, and remember him fondly.

Your final sentence is a beautiful one. I hope you find peace today & smile lots with the happy memories you have of your father.


Apryl said...


incywincy said...

BIG(((hugs))) L. Some lovely photos. xx

summerfete said...

Big ((Huggs))

Great music choices too, aah pink floyd!!

Music is such a great way to remember someone!


jennyflower said...

Thinking of you. Look after yourselves. xxxx

Jackie said...

It just isn't the same without your dad is it? Mine died very suddenly and unexpectedly 16 years ago (on 22nd October) and I still miss him so much. Strange things happened though before he died..I said some things to him which I would have said had I known he was dying..if you see what I mean, that was uncanny, and I'm glad I did.

Tip Top said...

Thank you for sharing

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

*hugs* what a lovely photo of you and your Dad.

it would of been my Grandma's birthday tomorrow she died of lung cancer 10 years ago - i miss her , especially while i watch my kids grow up with her missing it and them not knowing her.

kt said...

Thanks for introducing us. I find that you meet the coolest folks on blogs.

Hugs and all the best from here-

Miss Frugality said...

He looks like a lovely man.I'm sure he was a great Dad! I empathise.My dad died ,aged 47 more than 20 years ago now and I still miss him.

I turned the speakers on to listen to his music and got such a shock to hear Dear Diary ,which was a familiar sound in my home in the 1970s too.And then Wish you were here....I'm going to switch them off now-I'm welling-up already.