Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Catching Up...Yet Again!!

So while I was lurgified, and just before I was struck down, this is what I was doing.

I made a tribal beely dance headdress for the show. Still needs more bits adding to it. And I may well NOT wear it but I had to have a go.

Kiddie has a party this afternoon. Her friend T loves animals, especially deer so she decided to make this card for him. She drew all the background and then collaged Bambi with a bit of towelling and twigs for antlers. Bless...

While she did that I made T a sock monkey as a prezzie cause I just didn't know what to get him. The use of proper, decent quality toy stuffing makes such a HUGE difference. All previosu mokeys have been so lumpy and bumpy but this little guy is quite smooth beneath his fluff.

This is what I've been tinkering with today...

This is the starting point for a couple of Christmas stockings. Lots of old lace - some crocheted, some old cotton lace, some broderie anglais - all appliqued to a background of a linen/cotton mix fabric. Will add some embroidery and vintage MOP buttons I think, then I'll show you the finished article.

This is an early attempt at a primitive doll, before I'd been to any classes, read any doll-making books, etc. I found her in my bag of lace scraps. She still has scope... The face is rubbish but I love her vintage button-covered body.

If you are in touch with me through Facebook you'll know we made a cake the other day. Yes!! Me!! Mrs Undomestic Goddess!! I made a cake from scratch using the Be-Ro Book. It was a bit thin but I think that was messing up quantities rather than not rising properly. It meant we had LOADS of luvverly buttercream. Yummy!

This is Ivy.

This is Holly.

These are Christmas tree hanging decorations.

This is the trees WIP.

See... I've been a busy girlie despite feeling like poo!! Actually I did spend 2 days in bed not feeling up to doing a damn thing but I'm on the mend. Yahoo!! Thanks for all the nice comments and messages. I love you all xxx

And, not content with one tag in a day, Daisie has sent me another.

Six random facts about me this time. Well she did actually ask me for 6 random facts about being ill so here goes...

1. When I have a cold I want to chop all my hair off!! I HATE the odd little wisps of hair that get in front of your face and tickle your nose. When it's itchy anyway that's the last thing you want. Consequently the postman has seen me twice this week with greasy hair scraped back using one of kiddie's hairbands. NOT a pretty sight.

2. I have been knocking back to 1000mg fizzy Vitamin C every morning and I'm convinced that's made me get better quicker.

3. I have one of those lovely dry flakey skin moustaches from too much nose blowing, so I will go to bed with my top lip plastered in Vaseline tonight. Gorgeous!!

4. My OH swears by that First Defence stuff but the idea of spraying something up my nose is a no-no. I would rather have a cold than a squirt Sinex up my hooter.

5. Possibly my most attractive full-of-cold look is the "shove-a-tissue-up-each-nostril-and-leave-it-there" look. This is something my sis and I both do. When your nose is just getting so raw from all the wiping and blowing that it's too sore to touch any more it's the only answer. Highly unattractive but very satisfying.

6. When I was a kiddie being ill prevented me from being on telly. I had entered a competition on Tiswas and won but I got bloody mumps so couldn't go on. It was going to be the full pull-you-up-by-the-ears-from-behind-the-desk job but instead I had to go a couple of weeks later and just be in the audience. How pants is that?!!

That's 6!!
I'll make a list of taggees later. Have got to go and cuddle a sickly kiddie. She's been to a party, troughed loads of party food plus her party bag and now feels sick and sorry for herself. She's also very tired.



Kitty said...

So glad to hear you're on the mend. My gran used to do the hankie up the nostrils thing. Hilarious!

Hope the tiddler doesn't hurl, and is much better after a good sleep.

Absolutely LOVE those hanging tree decorations.


Brixham bird said...

ha Ha i am reading this with...guess what...????...a tissue rammed up my nostrils!!!! sooooo satisfying....and consider yourself lucky, i have been coughing and hacking etc etc for SIX WEEKS now!!
Nac x

tillyboo said...

Sorry you've been poorly ! But, I absolutely love Holly & Ivy. How cool are they ?

tillyboo said...

I hope you don't mind me asking but what type of badge maker would you recommend for fabric brooches. Your brooches are beautiful and I'd like to add bit more substance to my current ones. I'd be really grateful for any help and advice as I'm having difficulty in sourcing any information

katie said...

poor snotty you! will go back and read the post properly but just wanting to say THANKYOU for this Genesis track that I haven't heard for a thousand years! I love it - LOVE IT!!! singing along!
Prinkly Katie

Tip Top said...

Being ill must suit you with those fantastic things you are making!!!

Long may the tissues reign! In the nicest way of course without feeling really pants!

'fancypicnic' said...

Tiswas!!! Ha ha!

Glad you're feeling better xx