Saturday, 21 June 2008

Two in an hour!?...

No it's not an attempt to get to 100 posts a bit quicker. I just saw this and had to write about it.

Trawling through my ever-increasing Bloglines updates, I've discovered someone thinks I (or my blog) am awesome!! I found Area Thrifty One's blog while looking for info on screen printing and have subbed to the blog ever since (ooh! all of 3 days). How cool is that?

Sorry if I've deafened or startled anyone else with my music. I found the Playlist gizmo on someone else's blog and decided I had to have it for myself. I spent an age yesterday adding tracks (shhh... don't tell my OH). There is a right old mixed bag on there. I just kept thinking of people to look for. Only trouble is now I can't get away from the computer 'cause I want to see what's coming next. I love having my ipod on shuffle so it's a surprise everytime.

I also added another little toy at the foot of my blog (if you ever venture down there into the wastelands) - the meaning of my name. It's quite bizarre actually because so many of the traits are me. I suppose they are just random personality quirks that can applyto most people but it was quite funny that I could relate to so many of 'em. Give it a go yourself.

btw has anyone found a 'slob quiz' yet?


Have just had a text to say that the Folk Festival has been rained off! Cancelled! Phew! Now I have the whole day to sort my wings, wand and wellies out.


Net said...

British weather to the rescue! Are you going to be posting a pic of your wings and wellies outfit? hope so, sounds great! Good luck with your walk!

Miss sew n sew said...

Me again thanks for visiting my blog glad you think the chalets are great they really are I will definitely go back there one day! Hope your walk is going well in your wellies! I do visit Sara's blog alot that you mentioned I'm going to put you in my favorites now, that's nice to here someone thinks your blogs awesome!

Brixham bird said...

right....lets hope this works!!!!
i hope the walk went well sis and your not too foot sore!!
i am off to work later and the sun is!!

Sam will need surgical removal from his ds soon!!! have been warned!!