Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Rose brooch - set

Rose brooch - set
Originally uploaded by ethel and edna
It's no good. I can't blog without photos. I forgot that I uploaded these to Flickr for Sam to put on the incywincy website.

One more thing - is it me? In about the third line of Dolly Parton's latest single (sorry Radio 2 listener) does she sing, "I'm not the Dolly Lama", instead of Dalai Lama. I keep hearing the song now and can't quite tell.

Ooh I've got to tell you about llamas but that's for another post.



Sal said...

Very pretty! ;-)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Hey! Can you send me an email so I have your email addy please. Need to ask you something :o)

incywincy said...

Gorgeous! :o)

Mum has just given me a clipping from the Lich Mercury of you and your crazy spice girls!! Fame at last!

artisbliss said...

I love these!!