Sunday, 1 June 2008

Spiders, Russian Dolls and Toadstools

Crikey heck!! I've been making up for lost time on the crafting front. Here are a few piccies of what I've been up to.

Firstly - the Toadstool Swap. Here's a link to the Flickr group so you can see what other members have been up. I've tried to get a bit more creative with this swap. The shape is fairly simple so I could afford to be a bit more imaginative with the fabric, threads and embellishments. I feel that I keep producing country/prim type stuff with very little 'fiddly' work so I've really enjoyed playing with techniques, even if I am a bit rusty.

The fabrics are all samples/experiments from C&G days. I hand dyed them then stamped and embossed them. Some have sheers layered over the top. I've got my metallic threads out and down a bit of free-machining to add another layer of detail. Then gone bead-tastic one the caps!!

I really enjoyed doing these and I'd still like to do some more, but I must stop playing for my own amusement and make something for my swap partner.

The other swap I'm taking part in is Katie "i'magingermonkey's" Russian Doll Swap. For this you can make anything at all as long as it is inspired by the stacking Matryoshka dolls. Here is my first attempt. This does make me smile as I've got drawings in a sketchbook and everything. It almost looks like I know what I'm doing :o) .

Unfortunately I can't show you here face as she's very shy. And she also has a special 'feature' but she's a present for somebody so I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm going to do at least one more of these, maybe two because - surprise! surprise! - Evie wants one!!



Incy Wincy (Sam) has just launched her brand spanking new website. It went 'live' today and it's fantastic! I'm plugging it like mad firstly because it's a great site and Sam's stuff is lovely, but also because some of my own handiwork will be available in it. I say will because I've got to take some half-decent photos of them and work out a price, so that Sam can add them to the site. Take a peek and drool over some of her fabby items.



Jackie said... wouldn't work befoe. Oh well. I jua wanted to say I like the toadstools and I like your links to ginger monkey and then I went on from there to Over Milkwood. My link list is growing!

Miss Frugality said...

The Matryoshka looks fab! Looking forward to seeing her front.Love those sparkly swirls on the toadstools too!
Hope the photoshopping is going well!

incywincy said...

Love the toadstools Ethel and the doll looks fab! :D
& thanks for the link (hehe)

artisbliss said...

Glad you recovered from your bead spill in time to make some crafty stuff. Love the toadstools espec.

megan said...

oh my god !!!
your russian doll is FaNtAsTiC - i'm still at the thinking stage!
love the toadstools too.

Tip Top said...

All fab (as always!!) What more can I say - its just fab!

Swirlyarts said...

Cool Russian Doll!! I'm still yet to even think about my toadstool - but I've got a bit of time left yet right??

molly said...

Blogger is allowing me to comment finally! I love your toadstools so I'll be happy with anything you send. And I love your shrinky-dinks too--so sweet!