Tuesday, 3 June 2008

One of those days....

It really has been one of those today. Everything I touched seemed to go wrong. I kept dropping stuff (thought not beads thankfully), knocking things over and then when I decided to get on with some work I messed that up too.

I was finishing off a couple of bags I started ages ago. All that was left was to tack the handles in place, stitch round the top edge and turn the bag and lining through the right way. And of course, when I turned them the outer was inside out! Aaargh! SO I had to unpick it all and redo it. I feel like OH must've done when he screwed the handle inside the drawer. Bless..

So here is a little meme from Carina that I've been keeping for a rainy day, and it certainly is that...

Accent: Depends on who I'm talking to. I have that awful habit of accidentally mimicking the person I'm talking to if they have a strong accent. Basically I've got a bit of a Midlands twang I'm afraid (Brummie-ish)
Breakfast or no breakfast: Usually yes but on work days it's too much of a rush.
Chore I don’t care for: Housework of any kind
Dog or Cat: Cat - we've got two of the little darlings
Essential Electronics: PC, sewing machine, ipod
Favorite Cologne: At the moment I've got Chanel No 5 and err... can't remember what it's called... Ah!! Hugo Woman.
Gold or Silver: silver or rose gold
Handbag I carry most often: camouflage print Animal satchel type thingie. I try to have smaller ladylike ones but I carry to much stuff around with me and it never works.
Insomnia: From time to time. I've now got a little booklite so if it happens I can read myself back to sleep with waking OH up
Job Title: Offical paid job - Visiting Teacher. Unofficial unpaid job - Stig of the Dump (according to OH)
Kids: 2 - a girl aged 8 and a boy aged 39!!
Living Arrangements: 3 bed semi-detached
Most Admirable Trait: errr... I'll get back to you on that one
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Are you sitting comfortable? This could be a long one... We used to have 2 apple trees in the garden of our first house. One day, I was about 9 and sis about 8, my Nan had been round and gathered all the windfall apples in a box. Next door lived an old lady, and her grandson, who was my age, was visiting. Somehow we three kids ended up having a fight over the hedge - throwing apples!! We were totally absorbed until we got to the bottom of the box. Then it was like a cartoon. I went cold as realisation dawned on both me and sis at the same time - what had we done?! There was only one thing for it - we ran and hid in the long curtains in the lounge, just as Nan went out into the garden. She went mad - which was totally out of character for her but perfectly understandable. She made us go round next door to apologise to the lady. We felt soooo bad, but apparently the lady was quite pleased. She was a bit amazed to see thses apples keep flying over her hedge but she made loads of pies and stuff so she was quite happy.
Overnight hospital stays: After having kiddie I spent a week flat on my back following a 'spinal headache'.
Phobias: None that I can think of unless you count housework.
Reason to smile: It makes people nervous.
Siblings: One of each. Both are younger. My sister is in Devon (as I may have mentioned) and my bruv is in Stone.
Time I wake up: After the first hit of caffeine - about 9am.
Unusual Talent or Skill: I have always been able to spell - words that is.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: None, hence my weight 'issues'. Oh, do the slices of snot (gherkins) in burgers count?
Worst Habit: Blogging. Occasional nail-biting. Making piles of stuff around the house. Being messy.
X-rays: Think I had one as a young kiddie when dislocated arm
Yummy Stuff: Food!!!! (see entry for letter 'V')
Zoo Animal I Like Most: Lemurs at Paignton Zoo. You can walk through the whole of their wooded enclosure and they are just hanging around with you.

OMG!! No photos. I may post again later but I'm going to belly dancing tonight 'cause OH is away on Thursday so can't look after kiddie. ttfn xx

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