Wednesday, 4 June 2008

So it begins....

...the weight loss programme. Yup I did it. I went to my first WW meeting. They were a very friendly bunch and several of them I already knew. A girlie I knew through our parents being friends, my neighbour and a friend who I haven't seen for years. SO I got throught the door, registered, paid, got weighed and then sat and talked non-stop for 45 minutes. :o) The lady who takes the class - Sue - was a bit thrown I think. She commented on that fact that I knew so many people. Just coincidence really.

So now all I have to do is read through all the books and decide if I'm going Core Plan or Point Plan. And that's it!! No effort. Huge weight loss. I shall look like my new Meez in no time at all. lol

After class I had to trot over to Chellaston again to retrieve my mum. My auntie had made lunch for us so I came away podged. She believes in giving you all of your '5 a day' in every meal. Lovely grub but loads of it. Not a great start to the diet but I can't start it until I've read the bumf, can I?

By the time I got back from there and read my emails it was time to do the school run, so I have do NO crafting at all today :o( . And tomorrow I'm in work all day. The poor loves - it's final assessment time for my girls. I'm excited to be seeing the finished results of their work, but I just hope they've all done plenty so we can at least 'pass' them, but hopefully higher grades than that will be awarded.

On the other hand I am hub-less for the next 2 days as he has gone to Cornwall on a dive trip. So I will be able to spend all evening stitching without feeling guilty for abandoning him. I am just such a good wife. I let him go away about 3 times a year. He just needs reminding every so often that most blokes aren't that lucky hehehe. A little guilty conscience every so often does no harm.

Right I'm going to start the marathon reading session 'til mum gets here. Tonight I am going to a Body Shop party - woohoo!!! Hopefully I should have some photos to show you tomorrow. Oh and tomorrow night a Pampered Chef Party is being held next door. How funny is that?! Me - the Un-Domestic Goddess going to a party about cooking and kitchen-y things. rmao

ttfn xx

Oh btw I'm coming up to 1000 visits to my blog, and I've not had the counter that long... Perhaps a giveaway is in order? I'll ponder it.


Charlie P said...

Ooooh, good luck with WW! I reckon you should start with the point plan then when you hit a point where you can't seem to get any more weight off change to the core plan.
Can you tell I've read all my Mum's WW books? I used to have to tag along to meetings for about 3 years when I was younger. I can still tell you how many points are in most foods :D

Jackie said...

I have weight watchers books dating back to 1981 when I was a gross 8st 12.(Went down to 7st 10 that time then got pregnant and had an 8lb 14oz baby) Now you can swap that figure round..although I've lost a bit lately so knock some off. Be careful at the Pampered chef and Body Shop parties. I'm sure there'll be wine....

Swirlyarts said...

Yeah - good first step! If Matt was home during the week then I would go out to something like that. Need to find a babysitter I think!

Katy said...

WW scares the hell out of me...i think of little britain! So I am very impressed by you going along!
Good luck!!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Have you not realised, I've reached that stage of Nirvana that old ladies have where they don't give a **** what they look like or what they do!!! hehehe
As it turned out I knew so many people in the room it was embarrassing.

Connie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, sweetpea! Good to have someone from across the pond! I'm a WW also. But the scary part is now I have to exercise with all those young chicks in jazzercise......yikes, scares the heck outta me!
Connie in Idaho

Connie said...

Oh, honey, I understand completely! I hate exercise but I feel soooooo good when I do it. Email me your email addy and we'll communicate where the whole world doesn't see how silly we are!! Hah,

JuicyFig said...

what happened? you joined WW, and I quit SW (for the 4th time...ahem...)
Good luck with it! it is at this point that everything food related will be thrown your way, temptation will be everywhere! more crafting! that is the secret, if you have something in your hands that isn't food...(that could be interpreted in sooooo many ways! sorry!)


paper-and-string said...

good luck at WW, you could try the alternative method of summertime results in pounds being shed, both bodywise and purse wise!!
I like jackies comment about a 'gross 8st12' I don't think i'm destined to be weighed in single figures! LOL
good luck with it, take a before photo and when your pounds lighter you can do a before and after (complete with a smug face!)

The Fairy Glade said...

Cant imagine ever being gross at 8st 12 as mentioned above! Alas, the dreaded W.W beckons me forth on Wed! Can't say how much I weigh, but my bottom is the size of a small south american country! Portugal seem to be so popular nowadays and if you want the villa it is in the region of a million euro. You could always sell a kidney I suppose. Of course you may be fabulously wealthy, so it might be small change.. a yacht in Lagos sounds a bit upmarket! Dx