Monday, 2 June 2008

Shoobie Doos and Shrinkie Dinks

Back to school today. Hooray!! I thought I would be able to crack on a get loads of work done. Pah!!! We all know what "thought" did....

BDB is back off hols and had one day of freedom left before starting her new job. Did I want to pop to Tamworth for a little browsette around Next, Marks and Hobbycraft? Did I want to drool over nice clothes? Was the Hobbycraft sale still on? Am I breathing? Of course I wanted to go. BUT I have very limited funds - a 40th birthday present to finance and only three days of work left - I could't actually buy anything, right?...


Hobbycraft purchases first:

The mini buttons will be really useful for many and various dolls - a business investment! The two rolls of grosgrain ribbon - ditto. The little boxes - a bargain at 79p for five. The '40' - err... something birthdayish.

And now the biggie.


I NEVER go shopping in real clothes shops for me anymore. I do charity shops. I do car boot sales. I do supermarkets. I don't do proper clothes shops. 'Til today.

We looked. We tried stuff on. I was strong. I resisted. The I looked at the shoes. I know. You're all thinking,
"Fatal. She looked at the shoes. She has female blood coursing through her veins. She will not be able to resist."


But they are gorgeous. Look...

Imelda, I mean BDB was no help. She has a 'healthy' shoe collection so she was sending out the 'buy 'em' vibes. But I was being very strong. I even left the shop to visit Hobbycraft. Then on the way back to the car we had to pass Next again and they were calling to me, I swear. So I decided to just go and try both shoes on to see. And then the sales lady joined in - they were the last pair in the shop and they were my size. I was powerless to resist.

And now they are mine. ALL MINE. Mwah ha ha ha..... *Evil laughter. Exit stage left in swirl of cloak*

Any road up, I've hardly been at home today. So much for my good, productive intentions. After Tamworth I had to deliver my mum to her brother's in Derby. (She has vertigo at the mo so can't drive.) I got back from there in time for school run. Kiddie and I were back home long enough to have a discussion about Irish dancing classes. She doesn't want to go any more. I think it's the Monday evening thing. She's whacked after the first day at school and just wants to flop. SO she's going to have a small break from it for a while and see how she feels.

We had a brief creative outburst instead and got the shrink plastic out. Oh it's fab!!! Lookie what I made.

They are all about 2cm wide by 1cm high. I need to refine the technique a bit more but so far we have learnt that coloured pencils don't work. You really do need permanent felt tips or ink. I haven't tried rubber stamping them yet. That's tomorrow. If you preheat the oven they shrink almost straightaway. They are so cute and they have so much potential I can't wait to play a bit more.

I don't like to finish on a moan but I'm going to 'cause this thing is driving me mad.

Finger nails!!!

I have been a nail biter for years. Since I was a teenager. I hate it and every so often I stop. For no apparent reason. I am currently in a 'stopped' phase. Hooray!! I know it's really annoying but, when they do grow, my nails are really strong and grow pretty long without breaking or splitting or chipping. And there is the crux of my problem. They get in the way. They have got to the stage now where they catch on the keys of my keyboard so I am constantly mistyping. My blog is taking 3 times longer to write 'cause of all the corrections I have to do. Texting is a nightmare. Of course, the obvious answer is cut them or file them down, but I'm scared of doing that because I always mess it up. I get them all uneven and then have a little nibble to level them up, and before you know it they've all been munched off again. I suppose the only answer is to have a manicure, but now I've bought those shoes I can't really afford it. Ho hum... now where are those scissors?...


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Sucker! Those shoes are gorgeous though .... will you be able to drive your camper van in them though?! ;o)

incywincy said...

Great shoes!! & {{hugs}} for your Mum - I also live in a dizzy world!!
Lots of Lol's at your finger nail problem!! - you are silly :)

Swirlyarts said...

Those shoes are wonderful! Love the colour

Kristie Morrison said...

They. Are. The. Coolest. Shoes. Ever. Ever. Ever.

You are sooooo lucky that I live in Australia and am nowhere near you....

Sal said...

What a laugh! (I always laugh at yours!!) I love the shoes... and the way you write ;-) x Sal

Anonymous said...

good shoes