Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday as it should be....

Now that has been a 'proper' weekend. Friday night - takeaway, Saturday night - out with the girlies, Sunday - hit the car boot sale and round it all off with a BIG FAT roast dinner. Yay!!

Saturday was one of the school mums nights out we have every so often. Normally there are about 40 of us invading the Hamilton Suite at Drayton Manor Park for food, drink and a D.I.S.C.O. This time there were only 8 of us for some reason but it was good fun nevertheless. I just felt a bit under-dressed. No wig. No platforms. It was all wrong. So I piled on half a pot of glitter and my wedge sandals. I'm still finding glitter now after a wash and a shower! Will probably still be sparkling for work tomorrow!

BDB and I had a mega chin wag while getting merry on vodka smuggled in in kiddie sports bottles (shhh - don't tell). The booze at these places is always so expensive and the wine is junk, so after one bottle we brought our own. Bad girls!!! BDB asked the DJ to play Shakira cuz 2 of us on table 8 were belly dancers but I was still so stuffed with grub and sober that - SHOCK! HORROR! - I could not perform with everyone watching. BDB was most unimpressed but shimmied away anyway. Later Mr DJ played one of the bestest songs ever from my youth - Tainted Love by Soft Cell BUT the extended remix with Where Did Our Love Go. Oh it's just fab! I was back at the school disco again... What a sad old bag! Luckily there were no youngsters to laugh at us. I think ours was the youngest table of people there. hehe

I must admit tho', by the time I got to bed I was in Spinning World every time I shut my eyes. Oops! I thought I'd have a really bad head this morning but half a pint of water, some salt and some carbohydrates (a bag of plain crisps) before I went to sleep seemed to do the trick. I felt right as rain. :0)

Dropped kiddie round to our friends (last Saturday's birthday girl and her OH - A&T) who were taking her swimming with their kids. My OH went diving so I had most of the day to myself. I confess I let the opportunity to get creative pass me by. I was busy planning... Planning what? I hear you ask... well... I now know when the next party will be. Yeeha!! OH has finally decided that he DOES want a party for his 40th birthday. Better late than never. It will be a fancy dress affair (of course!). And his theme 80s rock and pop stars. I had nothing to do with this choice at all, tho' I'm not at all sad about it. So, I spent the afternoon Googling 1980s for inspiration. And there is lots!! I'm so excited (oh there's an 80s song for you!). I'll give little snippets and clues as I develop my next creation and see if you can guess who I've gone for.

Kiddie spent the rest of the afternoon with A&T and they even offered to feed her. OH went to the Co-op to buy food for us two on his way home, but just as he was about to start cooking we got a phone call to ask if we wanted to go round there too. So we had the most slap up Sunday dinner. T is a chef and we had 3 courses, plus a bottle of champers left from last weekend. Fantastic!

And now I'm back home and writing this and realising that it sounds like I'm a real alcoholic. "Hello. My name's Ethel and Edna and I'm a blogoholic", but that's about as far as it goes.

OK. Craft stuff. I said I'd been working on a batch of Sillies - well here they are. A dozen of 'em all ready for the fun bit. Is it just me or is the best bit doing the hair, faces and clothes on dolls? Is it because that means they're nearly finished or is it cuz that's when they get their personality? I can't wait for Tuesday so I can get cracking on them.

Mum went to a May Fair (that's two words ;0) !!) yesterday and bought me a few little goodies. The best is this little lady, or not so little really.

How glamorous is she? I love her. She needs a bit of tlc though. Her head is barely attached to her neck (I pinned it for the photo) and her thighs don't have enough stuffing. Her button joints are also a bit loose (I know how she feels!!). I'm going to try and see if I can make a pattern from her as I'd love to make another one of her myself.

Her friend is s 'proper' Zulu doll - so it says on her tag. She has some amazing beadwork jewellery which looks pretty authentic I must admit.

They are sitting on a Scrabble set as you can see. It's incomplete so only cost 25p! I'd only mentioned to mum about looking out for a set the other day, to use the odd letters for jewellery and things, and lo and behold she finds one!

OK. It's ended up a pretty lengthy post yet again so I'd better call it a day, but there's still so much to say. 'Manners' for one thing, and Lucykate's swap, and my car boot finds of today... They'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow. And so will you. Nighty night x


Jackie said...

Hope this isn't a duplicate.I love the bathing belle..she's definitely a 'pear'and proud of it. (I'm an apple)
I've answered the questions and you are linked to from my blog, but...I've chickened out of tagging anyone else and appealed for volunteers like you were.
I've been 'pinged' (whatever that means ) so a few extra links would do me good.

JuicyFig said...

Ditto to 'tainted love' EVERY school disco!

I love the large thighed lady, she is wonderful! hope you manage to get a pattern off her.


artisbliss said...

Well, you do lead an exciting life, I'll give you that much. Sounds like you all had a good time and I'm glad you didn't feel horrible the next day.

Your mom is a gem. I love the dolls. I've been a dollmaker myself and feel the tug to make more at some point. Perhaps I will.

Sal said...

Sounds like you've had a busy time.I love the dolls! ;-) Sal

Jackie said...

Manners? Is that me. I was so wound up about answering the queations I forgot to say THANK YOU for taqging me. Every time I went back to edit the post it deleted half of the text, some of the photos and all of the links so in the end I left it.By the time I'd finished it , it was too late to do the 5th thing of the day..walk the dog. There will be an official thank you in tomorrows post. And one here: Thank you! :-}

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh no hun - not you. :0) Someone much closer to home. My SiL actually. More on that later.

Jackie said...

Oh Thank goodnes for that- I couldn't sleep last night!

Tip Top said...

Soft Cell - Tainted Love with the extra is one of my all time faves!! Love Marc Almond too!!!