Sunday, 4 May 2008

Remember Me??

Helloooooooo. Remember me? Yeah it's been ages I know, well OK two days, but it seems like forever. And unless OH gets off the PC pretty sharpish this is going to be another quickie.
At the moment I am using the laptop I inherited from my darling Dad but it's not the greatest (sorry if you're online 'up there' and reading this, Dad.) We're not talking that wafer-thin Apple notebook jobbie - it's rather a cumbersome item. And it doesn't have an integral modem so I'm tied to the PC with cables just to get online.
I've only come on to have a moan as well. My sewing machine is poorly and I'm in a grump. I haven't used it for nearly 48 hours and I'm starting to get a bit twitchy. I think it needs a new bobbin case 'cause thread keeps getting stuck on a bit that it shouldn't do and gathering up in huge lumps every time I try to sew. I have the limp, unstitched skins of a dozen or more Sillies that I wanted to make to be my first etsy stock, but, unless my old Toyota is willing to come out of retirement I'm a bit stuck. I've got loads of great new yarn for some well-funky hair as well. Grrr!
OK. That's all then. I can't post about Upton and my trolley makeover until I can 'do' pictures and links and stuff so I'll just have to leave you all in suspense 'til tomorrow.
hope everyone is having agreat Bank holiday. TTFN xx


Tip Top said...

Things will get better!!

Katy said...

Poor machine, I hope it feels better soon!

On a cheery out in the post this week, I'm posting a certain doll swap doll to you ;) (hope you like it!)