Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The deed is done.

Blogger has decided to play tonight so here are a few more photos of the weekend. Of course you have got to have more belly dancer shots.

And a close-up of the lady with the lovely blue hair falls. Unfortunately you can't quite see her face paint. Isn't it great that she's a 'real' size and isn't shy to show it off - stretch marks and all!! She looks amazing.

Here is my little kiddie doing her thing. OH and I were both lined up for a fab shot when both cameras went to sleep at the same time. Grr! This is the best we could do without getting her mates in the shot too. Get those knees up girlie!!

This is The Spiders - the 'side' who the blue-faced man plays for. They are great.

This lady possibly had the best jacket and hat combo of the day. You can't go wrong with a bit of pink... or a lot of pink in her case. hehe

All in all it really is a great weekend and I would love to go to a few more folk festivals during the summer. Chippenham is supposed to be fantastic so I'll just have to keep hinting to OH.

Now here are a few piccies of Mazeworld and the Wild Walk. This is a bend in the river Anker. How tranquil and picturesque. They have kingfishers along this stretch and every visit I spend ages hoping to spot one but I never do. I have actually requested it on the Customer Comments Survey for next time I go there!
I DID see a water vole which I was really chuffed about. It's my childhood wildlife fascination coming through. When I were a lass you used to see 'em all the time in the cut but now they are very rare.
I could spend hours looking in ponds and streams (oh-oh, this could be one of my 7 random facts for the tag from Kate). Yes, I confess I am a bit of a wildlife freak. I think it's because the village I grew up in had a canal, a river and a millstream running through it. When we were little my nan and my dad used to take us on loads of walks alongside these watercourses. Dad used to teach us lots of the plants and flowers, but he also had a fab Readers Digest book which had pictures of everything we used to see. It's great that kiddie is just as interested and so I can try and pass on to her what I know.

This is Mindy (I think). She is a pig. She is asleep in the mud. Her keeper has sent her to sleep through hypnosis. OK. OK. Actually he did it by tickling her belly. She just sank to her knees, keeled over and was gone. Bless. It was the ideal opportunity for keeper-guy to plaster her with sun tan lotion to stop her ears turning to crackling (Oops! Sick humour - my second random fact?). She was one of the nicest smelling pigs I've ever met.

And her is the intrepid girlie searching for her dad. We were playing hide and seek through the trees and the undergrowth, and he managed to get in front of her and hide under this bush. She went striding past - girl on a mission with stamp card in hand - and didn't spot him til the shutter went click.

So, onto today. I have spent all day making the most of the gorgeous weather. Sitting in the garden with a good book and a cold drink? Nope. Mowing the lawn? Nope. Stitching outside in the sunshine? Nope - doing 6 - yes I said 6!! - loads of washing. I also finally managed to photograph all my stuff to go on eBay. Not craft work or Sillies or anything I've made I hasten to add, but clothes that we have cleared out. The pile has been sitting in the back room staring at me for over a week now so I thought I'd better get it done. Just need to sit down and list them all now. Oh joy! Another scorchio day and I'll be inside.
I forgot to mention the start to my weekend. I've covered Saturday, Sunday and BH Monday but I forgot about Friday night. hehehe On Friday night we had a girls' night in at a mate's house. And a glamorous younger lady came to show us her wares. YAY! I'm talking Ms Summers (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Much pink wine was consumed throughout the evening and quite early on my modelling skills came into their own. I'm not talking catwalk I'm talking sculpture. The ice-breaker game was to create from PlayDoh a model of a gentlemans rude bits, but with our hands behind our backs. I'm proud to say that I won!! My HND was SOOO worthwhile after all!!! hehe My tutors would be proud.
Our catwalk modelling skills came into play much later. Once the wine was well and truly flowing BDB, myself and one other (who shall remain nameless for modesty's sake) decided that we would try on some of the fancy dress outfits. I shall NOT be posting the photographs but a school girl, a policewoman and a French maid were involved and that's as much as I'm saying...
It was a fab night. We had a great laugh and even spent money (OH's - haha) but I'm not telling you what I bought. Let's just say no rabbits were involved. :0)
So, to what deed am I referring in my title? Well it's not very exciting, (especially after the last few paragraphs). This afternoon, after school I finally got around to ringing sewing machine repair shops. The most reputable place in the area is Nutt's in Wylde Green. That's where the college get all their machines from. I rang and they had got a bobbin case in stock but they shut in an hour and were not open on a Wednesdya. So Evie and I leapt in the car and drove all the way there. I took my machine with me thinking we could try the bobbin case in it to make sure that was the problem. Anyway once I got there I decided that really I should do it properly and get it serviced. It hasn't been done for SOOOO long and it's going to get more of a bashing than ever now. So I have left my baby with the nice lady. They will take it to pieces and give it the once over on Thursday then ring me last thing on Thursday afternoon with a quote *GULP*. It's like MOT day for the car. Awaiting that dreaded phone call -
'Hello Mrs Tearoom. Yes I'm afraid the doofer widget is broken and will need replacing. That will cost you three squillion pounds plus labour. We can do it in 6 weeks time. A courtesy car? No sorry but we do have a scooter you can borrow.'
At least I will be distracted on Thursday as we're going on a school trip to The Potteries. Hope I get some clay to play with... I will make more appropriate models this time, I promise.
STOP PRESS - Oh, out of the mouths of babes.... LMAO Kiddie and OH are outside bouncing on the trampoline while I'm writing this. Kiddie has a couple of rubber toy eggs which she loves to hide in the fridge amongst the real ones. For some reason one is currently on the trampoline with them bouncing around. She keeps exclaiming that she has laid an egg, but then I heard her saying to OH that 'Actually mummy lays an egg, really. It just stays inside her.' My daughter is gradually explaining the Facts of Life to us, as she learns them. It is highly amusing to say the least. School friends with older brothers and sisters are starting to tell them things to shock 'em but I think kiddie's hours of watching Bill Oddie and Kate Humble have paid off. It's just mating to her!! OH has been quietly panicking about how we tell her and when is she old enough to know, but she seems to have the jist of the basics already. How scary!!
OK. Enough already. Got to go and wake the dead!!! xx


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Chippenham Folk Festival is huge! How do I know? Because I live about 7 miles away!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ooh. I wanna go. I wanna go!!!

artisbliss said...

Love the photos. If you click on the bellydancing lady you can see her face paint quite well. She is lovely. Voluptuous, like a bellydancer should be. Good for your daughter--she looks like a proper Irish dancer to me.

I may have to make one of those pink jackets.