Thursday, 22 May 2008

Proper Post

Come on Blogger! Wake up!! I was just about to give up - I've waited SOOOO long for these photos to upload. Anyhoo - I'm here now and so are they.
So did you spot my new buttons over there on the left somewhere? I've got two. The first is for LucyKate's Toadstool swap. I think I may have mentioned it before but if not, to recap, LucyKate did a fab tutorial on her blog to make a little fabric toadstool. It's still there if you'd like to give it a go. LK decided to organise a swap of these little toadies and around 65 people signed up!! My partner is a lovely lady from America called Molly. I checked our her blog to see what talented artist I've been paired up with and she has made some lovely things. I must do lots of practise before I make her toadstool.
Here is my very first attempt. I have reused some old samples from City and Guilds days - stamped and layered fabrics - which I have stitched a few beads to before making my fungus.
The edge is stitched with space-dyed thread as well. A real blast from the past using such 'creative' materials. hehe

LucyKate has also set up a Flickr group so we can post pics of our toadies.
The second button is for another Flickr group, called Best Bargain Buys. This has been created by another CF member - JellyBelly*JellyBrain. As the name suggests, it's a group to show piccies of your best thrifted goodies. So many of us have been bragging about what fab bargains we have picked up from car boots and charity shops (who? me?) that she decided we should have a place to do it. So here are a few of the goodies that I have picked up - some on Sunday and some previously.
First up, a huge bagful of broken bits of jewellery and watched for £2.00. I'm still kicking myself nearly a year later because the lady had two other bags and I didn't get them!! Grrr!

This is a blouse that mum picked up on Sunday for 20p. It won't fit me but the lace and buttons will be very handy for trimming something, I'm sure.

A pile of books for 20p each, including a hardback Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Kiddie is massively into Roald Dahl at the moment.

Well I think I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. It seems now that I don't blog for a few days then do a HUGE one to catch up, which must get a bit boring to read. So I'm going to try Carina's approach and do a few smaller posts throughout the day. Maybe then the photos will be easier to upload.


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the Best Bargain Buys group! Toby is just on the brink of getting into Roald Dahl (much to my delight) and I got some Enid Blyton books at the boot-sale on Sunday (need to photograph them) so maybe I'll get him into Enid too!

Swirlyarts said...

That toadstool is great for your first attempt! Good scores too - I cant believe that blouse was 20p. Your mum has got a good eye!

artisbliss said...

Great toadstool. What will people think of next? Maybe I shouldn't ask...

Sal said...

I remember those books from when my children were young. Love the toadstool ;-)

Kate said...

Oh I'm so bad! I've been catching up with all your fun stuff. In my defence, Lexie may not be a toddler but she needs looking after like one! What will you do with all your fun dollies? Are they done yet? I want to seeeeeee **whines**. Have a great weekend. xx Oh, and no more boot sales. We're jealous. xx

JuicyFig said...

your toadstool looks miles better than my first attempt, just realised why mine wouldn't stand up - I did the base the wrong way round! d'oh!


Tip Top said...

Big posts please - I like them!!

Good finds too!!