Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Oh Pants! I Forgot to Put a Title. Mr Media is Going to Ban my Blog!!! :0(

Helloooooo. I'm back!!!!!

Crikey Heck! It seems like ages since my last 'proper' post. There has been so much going on, but now I'm back with post number 70!!! Can you believe that - 70 posts already!! I'm just gutted as it's only today that I've thought about getting a hit counter so I've no idea how many people have actually visited my little world 'til now. Ah well.

So first things first - The Party! Well I opted for Ginger Spice and made a dress as I said. Here it is as a WIP. It took ages 'cause my dress form is way too small. So I had to keep sewing a bit then putting the dress on to try it for fit. In the end I got so fed up, I decided if I could get into it it would do. It was a bit snug in places and loose in others but it did the job.

We went to the local fancy dress hire place and hired a wig each and I got my mega fantastic boots. Here are a few piccies with some of the faces no longer obscured as BDB and her hubbie aren't so shy after all.... ;0)

Oui. C'est moi!!

Et mon 'other half' enjoying the drag thing just a bit too much - hehe

From left to right - OH, me. BDB, OH of BDB. How fabulous do we look!

The party was a blast. The weather was great so we were all outside - front and back of the house. I think everyone had dressed up to some extent, some to a greater extent than others hehe. I only wish I could post more photos but it's not fair to people who I haven't asked. The party received the ultimate accolade, at 12.30 the Police arrived!!! Some neighbours had complained about the noise (were the miffed at not being invited?...) I don't know what the PC and WPC made of it when they asked to see the owners of the property. The party girl was Posh Spice in black PVC catsuit mode with black corset over the top, and her other half was the leather Policeman from the Village People. He was wearing black leather trousers, black leather NYPD shirt, black leather cap, full face fuzz and underneath a leather harness. Hmm... We turned the music down and they were very amiable about the whole thing really.

It was a great night with much dancing and a bit of drinking and eating. We staggered home at 1.45 both crippled by our stupid footwear. hehehe

Oh I almost forgot. The prezzie... in the end I made up a sort of goody bag. Some of the things were silly ones to remind her of her childhood and some were more sensible little treats. I researched 1968 on the 'net to find out what was on TV, music, films, toys, sweets, etc then worked from that. I bought a 10p mix (well a bit more than 10p really) of Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Shrimps, sherbert Fountains and so on. From The Works I got a little book of classic Cathy and Clare Problem Pages and a set of Basil Brush fridge magnets. I also bought a pair of earrings and a Suzy Smith purse from a little shop in Lichfield and a coaster which read 'I'd Rather Be Wearing My Jimmy Choos'. The one thing I'd forgotten is that she is an absolute shoe fiend! There were other bits and bobs as well that I can't remember, but she was really pleased and came round the next day (her actual birthday) to say thanks. Phew!! Thank Heavens for last minute flashes of inspiration. Just wish I'd had more time to do it better.

OK. I promised I'd finally unveil my mean machine beach trolley, well here's the WIP shot. Did you guess the right colour combo JB*JB? I just love it. I couldn't see any oilcloth I liked, then in Dunelm I spotted this roll of PVC. Cow print PVC!!! I ask you?! How fantastic!! That reminded me of Jelly's bunting and I thought I would love to find some really bright pink to go with it. But there was nothing in all the rolls and rolls of fabric that was any good. SO I started to think laterally.

In another part of the shop they had a bale of towels for £6.99. Two face cloths, two hand towels and two bath towels. When I measured the dimensions that gave plenty of material to be my lining so that was it. Eureka!!!

The actual making of the thing was another matter entirely. Have you ever tried to sew PVC? Grrrr!! Never again! And in the end I had measured wrongly. I'd been too generous so the bag is a little on the large side, but I was so frustrated I decided not to try to redo it all.

And that is why she's still not entirely finished. I need something to reinforce those unsupported top seams along the sides so they don't sag. Also a way of fastening the front and back top seams so they will attach to the front and back bits of the frame. Does that make sense? Basically I've got to fasten the bag around the top of the frame so it stays open and square. After that it's just polish up the frame and clean the wheels I think.

I love her (well cows are girls aren't they?!). Can't wait to go on holidays now.

Hooray!! It's back!!! (Deja vue - haven't I already said that this post?) No - this time it's my sewing machine that's back from the menders. £89 later I have a beautifully clean, smooth running machine. Boy, have I missed it!!! To celebrate I finally managed to start the doll for Katy at imagingermonkey. Bless her heart for being so patient and understanding. :0) Hopefully it will be finished and off in the post in a day or two.

Whilst we're on the subject of giveaways and swaps here is my beautiful bag that I won in the giveaway on Blooming Felt recently. Thanks SOOOOO much Sarah. It's lovely. I'm having to keep this one out of kiddie's way.

I'm obviously having a lucky streak at the moment as ethel and ednas tearoom has been drawn out of the hat for another giveaway. The lovely Suzanne at Chickadee Cards also makes fabby jewellery and she is making me a bracelet or pair of earrings as a prize. I do love getting nice post and I think swaps are a great idea. I want to do loads more now I've got the bug, but I suppose I really ought to start and make some things to sell as well. My contract at college will end all too soon and then I'll be back to no income again. Aargh!

I have tried to be a good and thrifty person and this weekend was no exception. I hit the car boot sale on Sunday morning as it was so gorgeous. This is "Find of the Day Number 1". A bag of assorted sheer ribbons, a bag of black and gilt buttons, a bag of little coloured buttons, a plastic pot of white, cream and MOP buttons, two kilt pins and loads of bigger coloured buttons all contained in this clear case for 50p!!! Yay!!

Right at the end of the sale kiddie came running up saying that she and Nanny had found a stall with loads of fabric and trim and stuff. She took me to where the stall was and it turned out to be a mum and daughter who I'd done my machine embroidery course with. Very sadly the mum's eyesight had virtually gone in a very short space of time so she was having to stop stitching. This is why they were selling loads of their stash off and so cheaply as well. It was just frustrating because I had virtually no money left by then, but this is what I did get-

seven scrummy squares of felt for 20p each and three spools of fancy yarn also 20p each. I've told them to come back and stand next week and I'll bring more dosh!!!

This little pile of loveliness is courtesy of my mum - the Car Boot Queen. A fab little set of hand painted Whittards coffee cups. When I get round to it I want my kitchen to be in all these kinds of colours so they have taken pride of place on my little shelf in readiness.

Well I think that's enough to have bored you all to death so I'll finish now. Oh, apart from one last thing - well done BDB on getting your new job!!! ;0)


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Hahaha! Yes I did guess the right colour combination! Looks fab! Don't forget to enter my blog giveaway ... you might win again!

artisbliss said...

I never doubted you could give the Spice Girls a run for their collective money. You looked great! Those mugs are wonderful, too.

Jackie said...

What agreat idea for the pressie. I had racked (or is it wracked?) my brains for an idea but I think yours was really good. And sorry to say it but you look scarilly like ginger in the photo.

incywincy said...

Loving the ginger costume! You sexy thang!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

hehehe My sis has started reading my blog and has just spotted the mugs... she's not a happy bun.

Swirlyarts said...

The ginger costume is fab!!! And that trolley look great - mine's very dodgy tartan so I might have to revamp it.

JuicyFig said...

so much to comment on! love the costume - how did the police react to your host in the village people costume?
excellent idea for the pressie - i love making up bit's n bobs type pressies.
the cow print trolly is just amazing!
and how sad for the lady losing her eyesight - especially if you are a crafter.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yes it was rather a lengthy post. Oops! The policeman seemed OK about the leathergear, not so she about his female partner. ;0)

Katy said...

what a sad tale about the lady's eyes - how awful. I shudder at the thought.
You look amazing all dressed up as Ginge, and the other half makes quite a lady...he looks to enjoy it a tad too much though, so watch out!
Glad the machine is back, although you really didn't have to panic about the doll swap - I would happily wait for ages and ages for one of your fab dolls!!!

Charlie P said...

heh heh heh - artisbliss just told me to come and have a look at your blog. I can see why! I love your cowtastic beach trolley...but what I love most of all are those fab fancy dress photos!

Carina said...

Longest. Post. Ever. ;-) Your outfit looks pretty good, and where the heck did you get those boots?

Oh and, tag, you're it. ;-)

Pipany said...

Hello and thanks for the comments on my blog. Love that Ginger Spice outfit! xx

Valerina said...

Love your costume, it looks great!