Friday, 30 May 2008

All Sillied Out!

So here is Tuft, the baby Orang Utan, sitting on Shika's back. Kiddie decided to have a photo shoot this morning. He reminds me of Cuddles the monkey the other puppet who belonged to Keith Harris (Mr Orville).

So I told you I'd been a busy girl - actually doing some crafting. Well, here are the fruits of my labours, just to prove how rubbish a mum I've been this holiday. First off are a couple of those little felt boxes that I made from applehead's tutorial. I have lots of ideas for developing these as I've got loads of lovely felt to use up.

And here is a mass-posting of Sillies. I've just uploaded these to Flickr (click on the button on the left), so thought I'd blog 'em too, now they are all finished. Maybe I'll take the next step and etsy-fy one or two of them over the weekend...

Fly Away Home...

Buzz Off

Plain Silly




Plain Silly 2

Fly Away Home

Is it a Bird...?

And after their sensible photo shoot the 'girls' had a play in one of my latest car boot gems. Did you have Sindy dolls when you were a girl? I did and I had a very basic house (basic in comparison to later models like kiddie's). I have looked at them on eBay in the past and they have always gone for stupid money. So I was a bit wary when I spotted one at the boot sale - how much were they going to try and sting me for? And the extortionate charge.... 75p!!! hee hee hee I don't know what I'm going to do with it or where I'll keep it but for that price I HAD to have it.

Silly Par-taaaay!!


It's still got it's little serving hatch. How fab!!

And this morning has been spent having another go at a Lucykate Toadstool. This one is a slightly bigger version. I converted the measurements from cms to "s so that you could appreciate the scale of the cow print better. The cap and the base are cerise towelling and the cow bits are PVC - leftovers from my "mean machine".

Phew! That's worn me out. I've now got to go and hit the camera again. I must photograph a load of my brooches for my new venture with incywincy. It's SOOOOO exciting. Watch this space for more info coming soon.


Tip Top said...

I had one of those Sindy houses!!!! Love the sillies!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Just for you :

Jackie said...

Two posts in one day! And all those lovely young ladies made, not to mention the toadstool. Wonderful! Are you going to make an elf silly to sit on it?